A new plan of action

Small v-day

After 4 solid years of doing Weight Watchers and counting calories, I had lost 71 lb, then gained 40 back, and have lost another 20, for a total of 52 lb. While I am so proud of that number, I am still bummed that it’s taken so long and has been do difficult to lose and maintain. In addition to coping with having a chronic disease, I am a mom, a wife and employee. So in February I decided to look into Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS) with Dr. Emma Patterson. I had looked into my insurance (Cigna) and bariatric surgery is covered at 90%.

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Started off very slow

I began the new year on Solu-Medrol for a relapse in my MS, and big plans… Those plans have taken a while to be put into action. I had begun 2014 with plans on taking back my life; my life I had before the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in October. I wanted to lose the weight I had started to gain back. I wanted back into the gym. I wanted my damn motivation back!!!!!

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3 years in…

Today marks 3 years into my weight loss journey. I have learned a lot while traveling this road, this bumpy, curvy, long, road. I have learned that it is okay to fall off the wagon, as long as you get back on as soon as you can. It’s good to know how to portion your meals for 1 person, not 3. It is good to exercise, and you might even like it! Speaking of exercise, the best trick is to find something you love to do, not loathe. For me it was Martial Arts: Taekwondo and Hapkido. I learned that the word diet is not a good word, lifestyle is the word to use. This is not something that will be a quick jaunt, it’s a stinking journey and a life long one at that.

Before, Summer of 2009

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New Year means a New Resolution!

Happy New Year! With every new year, many people make resolutions. Two years ago, I made a commitment to lose weight. The plan was to join Weight Watchers and use their tools to lose half my body weight. Today I am just over fifty pounds down, maintaining my weight for the better part of 2012. Am I disappointed that I didn’t lose in 2012? Sure, but I don’t deserve to lose any. I was not on plan for most of the year, even though I was still working out, biking, etc. With ’12 behind me, I am looking forward (ugh-Obama, much? Bleh) to 2013 and loosing 50 lb this year. That’s just under 1 lb a week on average. I think it’s totally achievable.

I bought Weight Watcher’s new Active Link to help me get my activity in. I am currently beginning the assessment phase where it gets a base line of activity. From there (in 1 week), I’ll have a good idea as to what kind of activity I am doing and where I need to go. The neat thing is, once the assessment is completed, I’ll be given a 12 week challenge. The challenge will motivate me to move and keep me going! I do love a challenge. 🙂

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Friday Weigh in

On Monday I went to my WW meeting and weighed in… 281.6! HOLY SMOKES! It’s the highest I’ve been since January. I suppose I have  the birthday and graduation parties, and Kevin & Nicole’s wedding, MYSELF to blame! This week I rode my bike to Crunch to do the elliptical, so I got 7 miles in total on that trip. I went to TKD (new school-see TKD diary) and got a good burn on, plus I tracked more. Today when I weighed in (5 days later) I am down 3.6. Thank God! I was/am in a mental funk about it all. I know I need to just make sure I get some exercise in more than what I’ve been doing.

Rob and I with the NEW Mr and Mrs. Epeneter! June 30, 2012

Rob and I at the wedding

Rob and I at Kevin & Nicole’s wedding June 30, ’12


But seeing those photos makes me realize where I am at compared to where I was. Even if the scale is telling me I am up, I still feel like I am winning.

On the 4th of July (a favorite holiday), I signed up for the Providence Bridge Pedal in Portland. And I decided I wasn’t as *crazy* as I thought I was. I ended up signing up for the 8 bridge/24 mile ride. So on August 12th at 7:30 in the morning I’ll begin the biggest ride I’ve ever done at one time. Can we say, TIME TO TRAIN? Yes, yes we can. 🙂

Regarding the new Dojo: Angel, the owner/instructor, offers Kickboxing as well as Zumba! So I’ll be doing at least 1 of those classes a week. I am really looking forward to trying Kickboxing on Sunday at 2. Rob is even in to try it. But he won’t do it for a while, because he says he’s not fit enough to do it…and that I am more fit than him. *drops jaw* I guess I just always think of him as my long distance runner. Hopefully he can get on the getting fit wagon and join me.

Wish me luck!

January’s results

Two weeks, no blog. Yep it’s bad… I don’t know why I don’t blog when things get “bad” but I do. I know I need to be held accountable to those weeks, but honestly, I don’t feel like doing all the number crunching to give you the actual weigh in numbers. Last week I was up 3.4 lb, this week up 1 lb. Total up 4.4 in 2 weeks. AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!
Of course this coming week we have a birthday party (I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake) and Rob and I will be going out on Sunday night for our Anniversary. Needless to say, I am already worried and it’s only Monday afternoon!!! I spoke with Jeannine (my WW leader) and asked her if it’s cheating to weigh in on Sunday morning so I can enjoy dinner at Portland City Grill Sunday night. She said yes and that she absolved me of the shame I might feel by weighing in a day early. I love that woman! 🙂 So I will be weighing in at (gasp) 7:30 AM Sunday. So 6 days to diet this week.

On a much more positive note, I did my measurements from the beginning of the year today. I was very happy to see I have lost inches, even though my progress the last 2 weeks has been slacking.
Neck- no change
Bicep (R) -.5″ (L) -1″
Forearms (R) no change (L) no change
Bra Strap -2.5″
Chest +1″
Waist -2.5″
Hips +1″
Quad (R) -.35″ WOW!!!
Calf (R) -.5″
Total inches lost in January 8.5″!!!  
Weight Lost in January 3.4 lb (eh).

So I will try and keep up the positive attitude and keep my mantra in my head: It’s a journey not a race.

Muscle gain, yeah, that’s it.

Today I weighed in and was up 1 lb (total loss 49.2lb). I am going to attribute it to muscle gain or water retention in the muscles! I was at the gym 3 times last week, doing week 2 of the C25K program, and at Aim High for 3 TKD classes; which I think is the main reason. My body is adjusting to the amount of exercise I am doing. I know it’s not what’s going in my mouth, since I tracked (really, I did) and was not crazy. I had 1 cheat meal on Saturday for Lucy’s 3rd b-day, but that’s it.
Here’s how the week looked:
Mon: 2,351 cal / 61 P+
Tues: 1,683 cal/ 41 P+
Wed: 1,996 cal/ 44 P+
Thurs: 2,067 cal/ 48 P+
Fri: 1,611 cal/ 48 P+
Sat: 2,468 cal/ 70 P+
Sun: 2,131 cal/ 54P+
I earned 94 Activity Points per WW & burned 3,285 Calories per MFP in 310 minutes of activity!
So I guess the WW Points were high on some days, but that’s where I used my weeklies and some activity points. That’s what they are for. 🙂

Tomorrow I start week 3 of the C25K and I am a bit nervous since my knee and shin on my right leg are bothering me. But I think I am out of alignment so I am calling Hector and having an adjustment. Hopefully that will help. If you want to see how I am doing on that training, check the tab above. Thanks for the support! Hopefully next week my body will be adjusted to the new workout routine.


Ground Turkey Pasta Soup

Finished product, although this is with beef.

Ground Turkey Pasta Soup
Makes about 10 cups Serving size: 1 Cup Calories: 147 Fat: 5 Protein: 12 Carb: 14 Fiber: 2 Sodium: 470 Weight Watchers value: 4 pp


1 lb Ground Turkey (I used Shelton’s Free Range)
32 oz (1 Qt) of Tomato Juice
32 oz (1 Qt Water) & 1 1/2 T of Better than Bullion Reduced Sodium Beef Base -OR- Fat Free, Low Sodium Beef Broth
4 stalks of Celery Sliced
3 Carrots Sliced
4 oz of small elbow pasta1/2 t Minced Garlic
1 t Minced Onion
1/2 t Johnny’s Season Salt
1 Bay Leaf
1/4 t Black pepper

Brown the turkey in a stockpot, adding garlic, onion and season salt. Drain if you need to. Add celery and let cook with turkey for a few minutes to soften.

If you’ve never tried Better than Bouillon, it’s worth it! Cheaper and easy to use!

Simmering on the stove.

Add the tomato Juice, water and bullion (or beef broth), black pepper and bay leaf. Let simmer until celery is a bit tender. Add carrots and simmer until tender.

I always weigh pasta. This is what 4 oz looks like (2 servings).

Add pasta and cook 8-10 until done but still firm. Cool in fridge and freeze or eat right away, add some shredded or grated Parmesan cheese and enjoy!

Finished ground turkey pasta soup


A huge goal met!

50 lb lost charm from WW! Took 53 weeks!

Today I hit a major goal! I have lost 50.2 lb since Jan 2, 2011! I am thrilled! I know last week when I blogged about everything, I was going to hit it this week! And sure enough I lost 4.2 lb this weigh in!

This last week, I have really changed up my outlook on this “diet.” I knew things needed to change, and so I changed them-for the better! I tracked all week! I didn’t miss a single thing (ok, maybe gum, but dude, it’s 5 Kcal). I actually double tracked: WW points plus and calories on Myfitnesspal.com. It was interesting to see. 
Mon: 2,060 cal / 49 P+
Tues: 1,949 cal/ 48 P+
Wed: 1,519 cal/ 38 P+
Thurs: 1,901 cal/ 44 P+
Fri: 1,849 cal/ 53 P+
Sat:1,948 cal/ 44 P+
Sun:1,537 cal/ 40 P+
I earned 66 Activity Points per WW & burned 3,378Calories per MFP in 265 minutes of activity!

I think this is good to see, to be able to reflect on the effects of training 6 of 7 days last week. This week I plan on adding weight lifting to the mix.
Mon, Wed, Sat: TKD
Mon & Wed: Weights
Tues, Thurs, Sun: C25k week 2

So there it is, hit 50 lb, feel great about last week’s workouts, and how I ate. So hopefully I can continue this trend. New goal is 60 by the end of February.


The Bermuda Triangle!

Today at Weight Watchers we were introduced to the worst thing ever (in diet land), the Bermuda Triangle! It’s not in the Caribbean either, it’s the trifecta of Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas (Winter holidays). Yep, it’s here, in Portland, Oregon! Who would have thought to look here. 🙂 So after last weeks disastrous weight gain of 4.6 (thank you fat jeans & taco night on Sunday), this week was better with a loss of 2.0. So I still need to loose 2.6 to get back to my lowest of 40.8 lb lost. Can we say difficult with Halloween coming up next Monday?

This year instead of buying candy a week before the dreaded night, I haven’t purchased a single piece. I am sure Rob is missing the opportunity of munch on the junk, and I know Chandler would be trying to sneak it, but oh well! After hearing ideas in our meeting today, I decided I will not buy anything until that afternoon-who cares if all the good stuff is gone?! I don’t! But as I was stopping by McDonald’s to grab a $1 Large Diet Coke, I saw that they have 12 coupons for $2 to give as treats! Perfect! Nothing to eat!!!! So I grabbed one of those. We had NO kids last year-which sucked-so I am not planning for a huge amount of kids.

The hard part will be not eating what the kids are bringing home that night!
So Weight Watchers, at least our location, is collecting it to send to the troops! How cool is that!? So the kids will get a small baggie, and the rest will be dropped off on Tuesday! Done and gone! 🙂

This weekend I will be heading to Cannon Beach & Rockaway Beach for the Singing Christmas Tree Retreat! I am very excited to have 2 nights away with just mom and myself. There will be a lot of singing and work to do, but it will be so nice. I am hoping to have some time to do some walking around Cannon Beach, getting in some needed exercise. I am hoping to be able to keep on plan while I am away for the weekend, and keep myself in check. I probably should stay away from Mo’s clam chowder! But I’m a sucker for that yummy warm goodness. Moderation!

No touching candy!
Walk around the beach while at the retreat
Stay on plan
Map out the week’s menu