You spin me right round, baby


My RPM cycle computer info! Avg pace 74, heart rate 123, and a trip of 15.3!

Oh yes, 15 days post op and I was back spinning in RPM class today! So yes, I am singing this old tune (by Dead or Alive), just the chorus though. And I have to say I am ALIVE!!!!! I am so happy to be back on the tiny saddle, with my tiny tummy! Even though I didn’t really follow the class, I kept a slower pace than the others (who were going at a 144 RPM, which is HAULIN’!), only going between 60-115 RPM. But I was able to go a good distance of around 15.0 on the trip (no it’s not miles, but my usual is anywhere from 15.5-18 in a 45 minute class). Continue reading


A new plan of action

Small v-day

After 4 solid years of doing Weight Watchers and counting calories, I had lost 71 lb, then gained 40 back, and have lost another 20, for a total of 52 lb. While I am so proud of that number, I am still bummed that it’s taken so long and has been do difficult to lose and maintain. In addition to coping with having a chronic disease, I am a mom, a wife and employee. So in February I decided to look into Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS) with Dr. Emma Patterson. I had looked into my insurance (Cigna) and bariatric surgery is covered at 90%.

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3 years in…

Today marks 3 years into my weight loss journey. I have learned a lot while traveling this road, this bumpy, curvy, long, road. I have learned that it is okay to fall off the wagon, as long as you get back on as soon as you can. It’s good to know how to portion your meals for 1 person, not 3. It is good to exercise, and you might even like it! Speaking of exercise, the best trick is to find something you love to do, not loathe. For me it was Martial Arts: Taekwondo and Hapkido. I learned that the word diet is not a good word, lifestyle is the word to use. This is not something that will be a quick jaunt, it’s a stinking journey and a life long one at that.

Before, Summer of 2009

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A new plan and update

After going to Weight Watchers a month ago, I had an epiphany. I realized why I have been so stuck and unmotivated to keep loosing the weight. Ready for my profound thought? I am AFRAID to loose the weight. Wait what?! Yes, afraid. For my entire life I’ve been heavy, fat, over weight, pudgy, rotund, portly, what have you. But when dad died six and half years ago from an apparent heart attack, I lost the closest person in my life (other than Rob). Dad was my go to person when I had a problem, needed an ear, or just wanted to chat for no real reason. It was easy, fun, and loving; and lots of meaningful conversations were around the dinner table. So what does Dad have to do with loosing weight? In short, a lot. I am afraid to loose the weight because I am afraid to loose this “last” connection to him.  Now of course that’s not really true, but it feels that way. With this new “aha” moment occurring while I was in a meeting, I nearly was in tears. I finally figured out that it is OKAY to loose this weight. It’s OKAY to ask for help to get to the end goal.

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Another Plateau

I looked back in my WW weigh in logs and have noticed I’ve been stuck between 53 and 57 pounds lost since February 13th. I think we can say this is a stupid, dumb, inconvenient, stubborn plateau! I am in the midst of massive diet fatigue, caused by this stupid plateau.

Mentally, I think I’ve been on “vacation” since the Shamrock run. I was so mad that I didn’t loose anything after doing the 5k, and I checked out. But I know I cannot afford to do that. I know I haven’t been meal planning as much either. However, last week was my 34th birthday. I took the week off, didn’t track, didn’t care. I ate what I wanted, and how much I wanted. I did make good choices, besides the amazing hamburger that Rob made on my b-day, and the amazing steak I had last night when we celebrated with my family & Uncle Vino. But I had no idea this morning when I stepped on the scale, and was down 1.6!

I think seeing myself hit 57.0 helped make me realize I am 3 lb away from 60. I am mentally ready to hit that number, and it really is just a number. I remember thinking about this when I was trying to hit 10%, way back when. Even with this plateau, I have lost 4.5 inches! So Even when I am not loosing weight, I am loosing fat! So there is the silver lining! Another one is that I am now a blue belt in Taekwondo, check the tab above for some photos.
Until next week (I hope)!


End of February recap-How’d I do?

I am trying to track my measurements, weight, BMI, etc each month. And I figured I’d recap it.
Started at 282.6 and ended up at 276. I lost 6.6 lb for the month of February. My BMI in January was 45.6 and in February it ended at 44.4! Need to get it to 30… then lower!
Measurements, I lost 6.75 inches this month for a total of 50.75 (for most measurements since the beginning) and an additional 3.75 in new locations I just started tracking this year! For a total of 54.5 inches! That’s almost 5 feet! Holy shit!!! I am happy with that! 🙂

Rob and I going out for our 8 year anniversary.

Some things I have been having trouble with, is having the motivation to run. I’ve been really slacking on my C25k training and guess what?! It’s in less than 2 weeks!! AGHHHHH! I am just a *tad* bit nervous. But I’ve heard the Shamrock Run is so busy and distracting that the 3 miles will fly by, I hope so. I did belt test and am now a Senior Green belt! 7 weeks away from being in the intermediate class for Taekwondo! Excited about that! Below is the video of my board break. I love Ax kicks!

Goals for March. Loose 5 inches, hit 271.2 on the scale, and  finish the Shamrock Run (goal of 45 minutes, but finishing is the main goal).

Success along the Weigh

Today I am down 3.8 for a total of 53 lb lost. I am thrilled with that number, shocked really, I figured I’d be down around 52 total today. There is a woman in the blogosphere that has a blog called “Success Along the Weigh” and she’s lost over 190lb. Her #1 rule is “Quitting is not an option” and I think it’s a great topic for this week.
After last week’s 1 lb gain, I made sure I kept on doing what I had been doing, not letting the + get in my head. And by pushing through it’s helped! I kept with the same diet, and exercise routine. The only variation I did was yesterday (Sunday) because I have a cold, was pooped and didn’t think I could do the C25k run. So instead, I did the elliptical for 30 minutes versus running/walking. I didn’t give up, saying “I’m not feeling good” or “I’m too tired to do it” etc. I put on my gym clothes and headed out. I felt good afterwards (especially after stretching-flexibility is improving big time). I had a good calorie burn and got home in time for the end of the game (priorities, right?).

So the summery for the week:
Mon: 2,070 cal / 50 P+
Tues: 2,112 cal/ 55 P+
Wed: 1,872 cal/ 48 P+
Thurs: 1,906 cal/ 51 P+
Fri: 1,944 cal/ 51 P+
Sat: 2,429 cal/ 65 P+
Sun: 1,683 cal/ 44 P+

I earned 64 Activity Points per WW & burned 3,164 Calories per MFP in 313 minutes of activity! So this week, I ate all my weekly points and 14 of my activity points.

I am happy with it, I think I did good. I also weighed in of Friday and had a good weigh in, down 2.4, so today was even better. Goal for this week: repeat week 3 of C25k, I am working on my breathing techniques for the 3 minute runs. I am also seeing Dr. Dennis (new Chiropractor) to have my pelvis adjusted, which should help my knees. And hopefully my cold will be gone soon, so I feel comfortable running again (without gasping for breath). Until next week!


Muscle gain, yeah, that’s it.

Today I weighed in and was up 1 lb (total loss 49.2lb). I am going to attribute it to muscle gain or water retention in the muscles! I was at the gym 3 times last week, doing week 2 of the C25K program, and at Aim High for 3 TKD classes; which I think is the main reason. My body is adjusting to the amount of exercise I am doing. I know it’s not what’s going in my mouth, since I tracked (really, I did) and was not crazy. I had 1 cheat meal on Saturday for Lucy’s 3rd b-day, but that’s it.
Here’s how the week looked:
Mon: 2,351 cal / 61 P+
Tues: 1,683 cal/ 41 P+
Wed: 1,996 cal/ 44 P+
Thurs: 2,067 cal/ 48 P+
Fri: 1,611 cal/ 48 P+
Sat: 2,468 cal/ 70 P+
Sun: 2,131 cal/ 54P+
I earned 94 Activity Points per WW & burned 3,285 Calories per MFP in 310 minutes of activity!
So I guess the WW Points were high on some days, but that’s where I used my weeklies and some activity points. That’s what they are for. 🙂

Tomorrow I start week 3 of the C25K and I am a bit nervous since my knee and shin on my right leg are bothering me. But I think I am out of alignment so I am calling Hector and having an adjustment. Hopefully that will help. If you want to see how I am doing on that training, check the tab above. Thanks for the support! Hopefully next week my body will be adjusted to the new workout routine.


A huge goal met!

50 lb lost charm from WW! Took 53 weeks!

Today I hit a major goal! I have lost 50.2 lb since Jan 2, 2011! I am thrilled! I know last week when I blogged about everything, I was going to hit it this week! And sure enough I lost 4.2 lb this weigh in!

This last week, I have really changed up my outlook on this “diet.” I knew things needed to change, and so I changed them-for the better! I tracked all week! I didn’t miss a single thing (ok, maybe gum, but dude, it’s 5 Kcal). I actually double tracked: WW points plus and calories on It was interesting to see. 
Mon: 2,060 cal / 49 P+
Tues: 1,949 cal/ 48 P+
Wed: 1,519 cal/ 38 P+
Thurs: 1,901 cal/ 44 P+
Fri: 1,849 cal/ 53 P+
Sat:1,948 cal/ 44 P+
Sun:1,537 cal/ 40 P+
I earned 66 Activity Points per WW & burned 3,378Calories per MFP in 265 minutes of activity!

I think this is good to see, to be able to reflect on the effects of training 6 of 7 days last week. This week I plan on adding weight lifting to the mix.
Mon, Wed, Sat: TKD
Mon & Wed: Weights
Tues, Thurs, Sun: C25k week 2

So there it is, hit 50 lb, feel great about last week’s workouts, and how I ate. So hopefully I can continue this trend. New goal is 60 by the end of February.


1 year down!

Today is my 1 year mark on my journey to a healthier Melissa. I am very proud of committing to this, and sticking with it (in some way or form) for this long. Normally I burn out after 2-3 months and give up. I am very happy to say that I have changed my life(style) not just did/am doing a diet. In this period of time I have lost over 46 lb. I did gain this week (+2.4) but I think that was because of such a big loss last week and being sick. I was dehydrated and was warned when I weighed in last week, I could gain. Ann was right. But I am not stressing over it.

I have looked at my blog from the last year and have noticed what was working and what wasn’t working. Working: gym & tracking. Not working: just Taekwondo & trying to eat right. So I am back to hitting the gym 2-3 times a week and I am back to tracking food. I am game planning my week too, seeing (ahead) what the hurdles will be and knowing how to over come them. This week we are going to see West Side Story, which means eating out. So If I hit the gym (changed to Crunch today) twice and Taekwondo twice before Friday, I’ll be in good shape.

But I wanted to write about what I’ve accomplished in the last year besides the obvious scale victory.
1. Size 18 pants!
2. Smaller shirt size (22/24-darn boobs)!
3. Speaking of boobs, smaller bra size too!
4. Being able to do the elliptical for more than 1/2 hr without fear of dying (kidding).
5. Just saying “no” to cookies and junk.
6. Making better choices when out to eat.
7. Joining Chandler in Taekwondo and succeeding!
8. Speaking of TKD, Ax and Roundhouse kicks at my head level! Nuff said!
9. Balancing on a balance ball on all 4’s for over a minute (close to 2).
10. On the ball, getting on to just my knees for the count of 5 (need to be at 20 when I test for black belt).
11. Feeling good about looking at myself!
12. Buying Ladies (not women’s) XL workout pants!
13. Donating a ton of FAT clothes! Woot!!!

There are more, but those are listed on the other list. 🙂 Until next time, friends!