3rd week and a bunch of selfies!

With my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers, I was able to see that there is a “third week stall” that can occur. I was down only 1.4 lb. I know I say only, and that’s not correct; I am very happy that I was down. I have heard stories of people gaining 3 lb this week, so I will take it!!! I think I am ready to get back to doing my cardio classes this week since my stomach is feeling MUCH better (I should say my abdominal muscles). I did speak to my nutritionist on Friday and had a very positive chat.

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You spin me right round, baby


My RPM cycle computer info! Avg pace 74, heart rate 123, and a trip of 15.3!

Oh yes, 15 days post op and I was back spinning in RPM class today! So yes, I am singing this old tune (by Dead or Alive), just the chorus though. And I have to say I am ALIVE!!!!! I am so happy to be back on the tiny saddle, with my tiny tummy! Even though I didn’t really follow the class, I kept a slower pace than the others (who were going at a 144 RPM, which is HAULIN’!), only going between 60-115 RPM. But I was able to go a good distance of around 15.0 on the trip (no it’s not miles, but my usual is anywhere from 15.5-18 in a 45 minute class). Continue reading

10 days post op

Holy cow, I have been sleeved for 10 days! There are a few things I can tell you, liquid diet isn’t that fun, you will wish to exercise, you will be achy, coughing will hurt, and you will be so proud of the choice you made!!! The first week, I dropped 9.6 lb! 

Yesterday, I tried a tiny bit, maybe 2 oz, of baked potato with some light butter and Parmesan for dinner. It was so good. I was so thrilled to actually chew something. Then for my PM snack, I concocted a chocolate protein pudding! It has 12 g of protein in 1/2 cup. Score! It’s nice to have things with some texture, don’t get me wrong, liquids do go down really easy. But I have a hard time going SLOW with the liquids or water. When it’s a bit thicker, I slow down and enjoy myself. I feel like I get to taste the flavors that are exploding in my mouth (like tonight’s chicken tortilla soup). Needless to say, slowing down and trying to sip my drinks/dinners/shakes, has been the #1 thing for me to learn. Continue reading

3 years in…

Today marks 3 years into my weight loss journey. I have learned a lot while traveling this road, this bumpy, curvy, long, road. I have learned that it is okay to fall off the wagon, as long as you get back on as soon as you can. It’s good to know how to portion your meals for 1 person, not 3. It is good to exercise, and you might even like it! Speaking of exercise, the best trick is to find something you love to do, not loathe. For me it was Martial Arts: Taekwondo and Hapkido. I learned that the word diet is not a good word, lifestyle is the word to use. This is not something that will be a quick jaunt, it’s a stinking journey and a life long one at that.

Before, Summer of 2009

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Nice loss!

This week’s weigh in was a great one, especially after last week’s Mexican sanfu! I lost 5.2 this week!!! I am very happy with that number and will try really hard to lose another 1-2 lb next week so I break even on the month, and not post a gain!

I’ve started to weight lift 3 times a week following a plan from a book I bought: The New Rules for Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler M.S.

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Motivation comes from the challenge

This week I’ve been spending time at the doctor due to the right side of my body being numb (think pins and needles, or Novocaine effects). I had this happen around Labor day and it took about 2 weeks to go away which sucked. I am numb from top of my head to toe. What was worse was that I was seeing double on the left. Um, not okay! So my Doc ordered a MRI of my brain to rule out MS, Stroke, TIA, brain lesion, etc. We are really hoping it’s just a pinched nerve. I missed a couple of my anxiety meds, which can cause the double vision, so getting better about taking at the same time at night has helped that symptom! So Wednesday I’ll be having a brain MRI to check. But I am praying it’s just a nerve that’s really pissed off.

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Friday Weigh in

On Monday I went to my WW meeting and weighed in… 281.6! HOLY SMOKES! It’s the highest I’ve been since January. I suppose I have  the birthday and graduation parties, and Kevin & Nicole’s wedding, MYSELF to blame! This week I rode my bike to Crunch to do the elliptical, so I got 7 miles in total on that trip. I went to TKD (new school-see TKD diary) and got a good burn on, plus I tracked more. Today when I weighed in (5 days later) I am down 3.6. Thank God! I was/am in a mental funk about it all. I know I need to just make sure I get some exercise in more than what I’ve been doing.

Rob and I with the NEW Mr and Mrs. Epeneter! June 30, 2012

Rob and I at the wedding

Rob and I at Kevin & Nicole’s wedding June 30, ’12


But seeing those photos makes me realize where I am at compared to where I was. Even if the scale is telling me I am up, I still feel like I am winning.

On the 4th of July (a favorite holiday), I signed up for the Providence Bridge Pedal in Portland. And I decided I wasn’t as *crazy* as I thought I was. I ended up signing up for the 8 bridge/24 mile ride. So on August 12th at 7:30 in the morning I’ll begin the biggest ride I’ve ever done at one time. Can we say, TIME TO TRAIN? Yes, yes we can. 🙂

Regarding the new Dojo: Angel, the owner/instructor, offers Kickboxing as well as Zumba! So I’ll be doing at least 1 of those classes a week. I am really looking forward to trying Kickboxing on Sunday at 2. Rob is even in to try it. But he won’t do it for a while, because he says he’s not fit enough to do it…and that I am more fit than him. *drops jaw* I guess I just always think of him as my long distance runner. Hopefully he can get on the getting fit wagon and join me.

Wish me luck!

Another Plateau

I looked back in my WW weigh in logs and have noticed I’ve been stuck between 53 and 57 pounds lost since February 13th. I think we can say this is a stupid, dumb, inconvenient, stubborn plateau! I am in the midst of massive diet fatigue, caused by this stupid plateau.

Mentally, I think I’ve been on “vacation” since the Shamrock run. I was so mad that I didn’t loose anything after doing the 5k, and I checked out. But I know I cannot afford to do that. I know I haven’t been meal planning as much either. However, last week was my 34th birthday. I took the week off, didn’t track, didn’t care. I ate what I wanted, and how much I wanted. I did make good choices, besides the amazing hamburger that Rob made on my b-day, and the amazing steak I had last night when we celebrated with my family & Uncle Vino. But I had no idea this morning when I stepped on the scale, and was down 1.6!

I think seeing myself hit 57.0 helped make me realize I am 3 lb away from 60. I am mentally ready to hit that number, and it really is just a number. I remember thinking about this when I was trying to hit 10%, way back when. Even with this plateau, I have lost 4.5 inches! So Even when I am not loosing weight, I am loosing fat! So there is the silver lining! Another one is that I am now a blue belt in Taekwondo, check the tab above for some photos.
Until next week (I hope)!


The List Update & weigh in

Added to the list, which you can read about more here.
A reason for every pound I’ve lost:
  1. Sit on the floor comfortably without pinching my nerve in my hip.
  2. Walk through the pew at church without having to side step
  3. Lose the double chin
  4. Rediscover my jaw bone
  5. To shop at any store!
  6. Paint my toenails without having to put my foot up on the counter!
  7. Being able to see what color it is without having to bend over!!
  8. Hold a plank position for more than 1 minute
  9. Do more than 1 real push up at a time
  10. Fit in narrow seats
  11. Not have back fat
  12. Not have my legs touch in the middle
  13. Go jogging for fun, not for a fitness test (high school=nightmares)!
  14. Get to a healthy weight so I can see my future grandchildren!
  15. Find my collarbone and show it off
  16. Not just wear jeans & t-shirts!
  17. Run a 5k
  18. Train for a half marathon
  19. Train for a century bike ride (100 miles)
  20. Have tall boots fit over my calves
  21. Wear heals and not complain the minute they are put on!
  22. Not have my arms wave back at you when I wave
  23. Prove that I wasn’t meant to be FAT!
  24. Earn a Black Belt in Taekwondo
  25. Be smaller than I was as a Freshman in High school (271 lb)
  26. Feel good in my exercise clothes
  27. Have a healthy glow
  28. See my toes from a standing position (I suppose that goes with toenail polish).
  29. Make healthy changes to my favorite recipes because I want to, not because I have to
  30. Wake up ready to go, and not want more sleep
  31. Have more flexibility mentally and physically
  32. Prevent knee surgery
  33. Not be ashamed of myself
  34. Enjoy looking in the mirror
  35. Shop in the “regular” section of department stores
  36. Have positive things to say about myself
  37. Increase stamina
  38. Fit comfortably in chairs at events (ie: giants games,convention center, etc.)
  39. Feel like a legitimate athlete when I am out exercising 
  40. Look like a legitimate athlete when I am out exercising
  41. Inspire people
  42. Take joy in taking care of myself
  43. Try things I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t due to weight.
  44. Know that I’m worth it 
  45. Finally know I DESERVE it
  46. I no longer qualify to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser!!
  47. Be able to be a bone marrow donor on Be the Match
  48. Feel good about donating all the fat clothes! See ya! (Dec 29, 2011)
  49. Enjoy food knowing it’s healthy
  50. Seeing that I am more flexible than I was 8 months ago
  51. Not seeing a number before the letters “XL” (in mens). 
  52. Look in the mirror and enjoy the reflection!
  53. To not follow my dad in passing away early.
  54. Be able to run around with the kids and NOT gasp for breath.
  55. Have energy to do the things I want to do. (February 27, 2012)
I have neglected my list, and a friend (Lisa) updated hers, reminding me to update mine. I was happy to have to add 7 items. It’s going to get tougher to add as I go. But I’ll try to focus inward to find a worthy item to list. It’s part of the “healing” process and acceptance of change!

I lost .6 lb this week, which I am happy with. I haven’t been running as much as I should be. And I am going to work on busting through the week 4 “plateau!” I have a run in 20 days and I need to focus! I am starting to get nervous about it. But as I figured out in my Weight Watcher meeting today, I am not going to win the race; that’s not my goal. My goal is to finish. But my true goal is to do it in 45 minutes, a 15 minute mile/4 MPH average. When I signed up, I also signed up as a runner, which gets me a chip timer. So I’ll know! 🙂 

The other thing I’ve done is registered for the March of Dimes 10k walk (6.2 miles) in late April. I am probably nuts, actually I know I am. Especially since I was planning on doing the Cinco de Mayo 5k. Hmmm. But I have a great friend who’s running the team and it’s such a great cause. Want to donate? Click here, please!  So in addition to my crazy loco ideas about running, I am starting to mentally think about riding my bike. I am actually looking forward to spring and when it warms up enough to ride outside. But if it’s going to snow, please do it soon! I really would like to see some before I hit the 2 wheeler. LOL. 

Also in TKD news, Chandler and I belt tested last week. We are now Senior Green belts. I broke my board on the first try with the Axe Kick. Got an A on Il Jang and A- on my 2nd form, Sa Jang. So I received Decided tape and Silver tape for my 2nd form. I am very pleased! Next up is Blue Belt, and offically graduating out of the “beginner” level classes


January’s results

Two weeks, no blog. Yep it’s bad… I don’t know why I don’t blog when things get “bad” but I do. I know I need to be held accountable to those weeks, but honestly, I don’t feel like doing all the number crunching to give you the actual weigh in numbers. Last week I was up 3.4 lb, this week up 1 lb. Total up 4.4 in 2 weeks. AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!
Of course this coming week we have a birthday party (I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake) and Rob and I will be going out on Sunday night for our Anniversary. Needless to say, I am already worried and it’s only Monday afternoon!!! I spoke with Jeannine (my WW leader) and asked her if it’s cheating to weigh in on Sunday morning so I can enjoy dinner at Portland City Grill Sunday night. She said yes and that she absolved me of the shame I might feel by weighing in a day early. I love that woman! 🙂 So I will be weighing in at (gasp) 7:30 AM Sunday. So 6 days to diet this week.

On a much more positive note, I did my measurements from the beginning of the year today. I was very happy to see I have lost inches, even though my progress the last 2 weeks has been slacking.
Neck- no change
Bicep (R) -.5″ (L) -1″
Forearms (R) no change (L) no change
Bra Strap -2.5″
Chest +1″
Waist -2.5″
Hips +1″
Quad (R) -.35″ WOW!!!
Calf (R) -.5″
Total inches lost in January 8.5″!!!  
Weight Lost in January 3.4 lb (eh).

So I will try and keep up the positive attitude and keep my mantra in my head: It’s a journey not a race.