Motivation comes from the challenge

This week I’ve been spending time at the doctor due to the right side of my body being numb (think pins and needles, or Novocaine effects). I had this happen around Labor day and it took about 2 weeks to go away which sucked. I am numb from top of my head to toe. What was worse was that I was seeing double on the left. Um, not okay! So my Doc ordered a MRI of my brain to rule out MS, Stroke, TIA, brain lesion, etc. We are really hoping it’s just a pinched nerve. I missed a couple of my anxiety meds, which can cause the double vision, so getting better about taking at the same time at night has helped that symptom! So Wednesday I’ll be having a brain MRI to check. But I am praying it’s just a nerve that’s really pissed off.

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Knee injuries suck!

For the last few weeks my right knee has been bugging me, as well as my hamstring. Last  Monday I was working on laundry on the couch and when I stood up, I had a zinger! I lost my range of motion in my right knee, and what worried me (and Rob) the most was the dull ache/pain behind my knee (ACL location). So I called my Osteopath, Dr. Carter, and was able to be seen the next day. So I iced it in the mean time and waited until the following morning. I went in and she checked it out, knowing I’ve had issues with it before. Sometimes my left hip would rotate and just shorten my left leg enough to cause knee pain on the right.

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Pre-Ride thoughts

In just over 24hours I will be waking up, grabbing some bike knickers, a jersey, shoes, helmet, gloves, camelback filled with 2 ltrs of water, sports bars, and my phone & Ipod. I’ll load my trusty bike onto the back of Earl Ray (my ML), and drive to downtown Portland. I’ll unload my bike, start my GPS on my phone and turn on my tunes. I’ll bike about a mile to the starting line and wait. Around 7 AM, I’ll begin the longest bike ride, most difficult ride I’ve ever done. It’s called the Providence Bridge Pedal. The ride I am doing this year, is 24 miles, traveling over 8 of Portland’s 10 bridges.


The group from last year on our 12 mile ride, The Ragan Family and myself.

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