2015 edition of BikeMS

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog and I apologize. I will say, in my defense, I have been training for this day for the last couple of months. What day is this, you might ask? It’s BikeMS weekend in Oregon, and today was ride day! Last year was my first year riding BikeMS, and I was not able to finish the whole ride, calling the SAG wagon about 3 miles after the Buena Vista Ferry crossing. This year, I had been training 2-3 times a week in Spin Class (Les Mils RPM interval classes are my favorite-shout out to Erin, my amazing instructor), and my goal was to go further than I did last year.  Continue reading


Update…and it’s irritating!

So I have been waiting and waiting to get the OK to go on the Multiple Sclerosis medicine called Gilenya. I have since learned that getting on any of the MS drugs takes a long time (2-4 weeks on average-me lots longer), and it’s a red tape nightmare. This is the sequence of events that has pissed me off (this time):
1. Submitted Gilenya form on 11/6 (2 weeks late)
2. Doc’s assistant forgot to get actual prescription signed by Dr. had to fax it back in. 11/10
3. Was denied by insurance, insurance asked for questionnaire (appeal) to be filled out and sent back on 11/26
4. Insurance officially denied the medication on 12/4 due to never receiving the questionnaire.
5. Said questionnaire was faxed on  12/4
6. Saw Dr. Egan and ripped him and his assistant a new one for this all slipping through the cracks. He apologized and admitted it was wrong. GOOD! 🙂

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Moving along!

Today I met with my Neurologist, Dr. Egan, to go over my MS diagnosis. I was able to see my MRI images, which were kind of cool, in a sick and twisted sort of way. 🙂  So here are the pictures of the images that were on the screen, hence why they look bad. But you can see a bunch of white spots, nothing that was glowing, showing an active lesion. But I am in remission right now so that explains it.

MRI circled 1a

This is the spot that is messing with my vision. I’ve been told this will not cause blindness but double vision.

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I am 1 in 750, Who would have thought

This is an update that I was really hoping not to have to write. Here’s the general back story, you can click the posts to get more details:

In this post I wrote about how I was having numbness on my right lower leg and right hand, where it took 2 weeks for it to subside. I figured it was related to my knee injury and a tweak in my wrist from Hapkido.  Then a few weeks ago I wrote this post about how it came back, but worse, including vision disturbances.

Last Wednesday I went to have a brain MRI to rule out the possibilities. That was a whole lot of claustrophobic fun! Not!!! It took about an hour, and thankfully my mother in law suggested the sleep mask to keep me from seeing how closed in it really is. It took a week to get the results.

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Knee injuries suck!

For the last few weeks my right knee has been bugging me, as well as my hamstring. Last  Monday I was working on laundry on the couch and when I stood up, I had a zinger! I lost my range of motion in my right knee, and what worried me (and Rob) the most was the dull ache/pain behind my knee (ACL location). So I called my Osteopath, Dr. Carter, and was able to be seen the next day. So I iced it in the mean time and waited until the following morning. I went in and she checked it out, knowing I’ve had issues with it before. Sometimes my left hip would rotate and just shorten my left leg enough to cause knee pain on the right.

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Summer in full swing!

Summer is NOT my favorite season by any stretch of the imagination. Sure I enjoy the long days, the *warm* not hot evenings, but I really hate the heat and the fact that school is out until after Labor Day. Last summer I planned on going to the gym and eventually summer “got in the way” and I didn’t go. This year I said the same thing, but even as summer has gotten in the way, I’ve kept my commitment to hit the gym and keep going. I have the “My 24” app on my iPhone and it is quite cool that it lets me see when I’ve been to the gym. I can say I’ve been there the last 7 days, training hard. Woot! I’d show a screen cap, but their website is down. But…. Continue reading