Started off very slow

I began the new year on Solu-Medrol for a relapse in my MS, and big plans… Those plans have taken a while to be put into action. I had begun 2014 with plans on taking back my life; my life I had before the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in October. I wanted to lose the weight I had started to gain back. I wanted back into the gym. I wanted my damn motivation back!!!!!

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Motivation comes from the challenge

This week I’ve been spending time at the doctor due to the right side of my body being numb (think pins and needles, or Novocaine effects). I had this happen around Labor day and it took about 2 weeks to go away which sucked. I am numb from top of my head to toe. What was worse was that I was seeing double on the left. Um, not okay! So my Doc ordered a MRI of my brain to rule out MS, Stroke, TIA, brain lesion, etc. We are really hoping it’s just a pinched nerve. I missed a couple of my anxiety meds, which can cause the double vision, so getting better about taking at the same time at night has helped that symptom! So Wednesday I’ll be having a brain MRI to check. But I am praying it’s just a nerve that’s really pissed off.

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New Year means a New Resolution!

Happy New Year! With every new year, many people make resolutions. Two years ago, I made a commitment to lose weight. The plan was to join Weight Watchers and use their tools to lose half my body weight. Today I am just over fifty pounds down, maintaining my weight for the better part of 2012. Am I disappointed that I didn’t lose in 2012? Sure, but I don’t deserve to lose any. I was not on plan for most of the year, even though I was still working out, biking, etc. With ’12 behind me, I am looking forward (ugh-Obama, much? Bleh) to 2013 and loosing 50 lb this year. That’s just under 1 lb a week on average. I think it’s totally achievable.

I bought Weight Watcher’s new Active Link to help me get my activity in. I am currently beginning the assessment phase where it gets a base line of activity. From there (in 1 week), I’ll have a good idea as to what kind of activity I am doing and where I need to go. The neat thing is, once the assessment is completed, I’ll be given a 12 week challenge. The challenge will motivate me to move and keep me going! I do love a challenge. 🙂

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A huge goal met!

50 lb lost charm from WW! Took 53 weeks!

Today I hit a major goal! I have lost 50.2 lb since Jan 2, 2011! I am thrilled! I know last week when I blogged about everything, I was going to hit it this week! And sure enough I lost 4.2 lb this weigh in!

This last week, I have really changed up my outlook on this “diet.” I knew things needed to change, and so I changed them-for the better! I tracked all week! I didn’t miss a single thing (ok, maybe gum, but dude, it’s 5 Kcal). I actually double tracked: WW points plus and calories on It was interesting to see. 
Mon: 2,060 cal / 49 P+
Tues: 1,949 cal/ 48 P+
Wed: 1,519 cal/ 38 P+
Thurs: 1,901 cal/ 44 P+
Fri: 1,849 cal/ 53 P+
Sat:1,948 cal/ 44 P+
Sun:1,537 cal/ 40 P+
I earned 66 Activity Points per WW & burned 3,378Calories per MFP in 265 minutes of activity!

I think this is good to see, to be able to reflect on the effects of training 6 of 7 days last week. This week I plan on adding weight lifting to the mix.
Mon, Wed, Sat: TKD
Mon & Wed: Weights
Tues, Thurs, Sun: C25k week 2

So there it is, hit 50 lb, feel great about last week’s workouts, and how I ate. So hopefully I can continue this trend. New goal is 60 by the end of February.



For the last 4-5 years, Mom,Michelle and I hit Lane Bryant’s 50% Black Friday Sale. This year, I knew I was going to need to get some clothes after this year’s weight loss. When we finally made it to LB this afternoon, I was grabbing jeans to see what size I was. I figured a 20, since I had been in 22s for a while. Nope! I fit into size 18! HOLY SMOKES! Granted they are tight, but with another 5 lb I am sure they will fit like butter. So by the time I get the jeans for Christmas (Thanks Mom!), they should fit! I am so excited!!!


The Bermuda Triangle!

Today at Weight Watchers we were introduced to the worst thing ever (in diet land), the Bermuda Triangle! It’s not in the Caribbean either, it’s the trifecta of Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas (Winter holidays). Yep, it’s here, in Portland, Oregon! Who would have thought to look here. 🙂 So after last weeks disastrous weight gain of 4.6 (thank you fat jeans & taco night on Sunday), this week was better with a loss of 2.0. So I still need to loose 2.6 to get back to my lowest of 40.8 lb lost. Can we say difficult with Halloween coming up next Monday?

This year instead of buying candy a week before the dreaded night, I haven’t purchased a single piece. I am sure Rob is missing the opportunity of munch on the junk, and I know Chandler would be trying to sneak it, but oh well! After hearing ideas in our meeting today, I decided I will not buy anything until that afternoon-who cares if all the good stuff is gone?! I don’t! But as I was stopping by McDonald’s to grab a $1 Large Diet Coke, I saw that they have 12 coupons for $2 to give as treats! Perfect! Nothing to eat!!!! So I grabbed one of those. We had NO kids last year-which sucked-so I am not planning for a huge amount of kids.

The hard part will be not eating what the kids are bringing home that night!
So Weight Watchers, at least our location, is collecting it to send to the troops! How cool is that!? So the kids will get a small baggie, and the rest will be dropped off on Tuesday! Done and gone! 🙂

This weekend I will be heading to Cannon Beach & Rockaway Beach for the Singing Christmas Tree Retreat! I am very excited to have 2 nights away with just mom and myself. There will be a lot of singing and work to do, but it will be so nice. I am hoping to have some time to do some walking around Cannon Beach, getting in some needed exercise. I am hoping to be able to keep on plan while I am away for the weekend, and keep myself in check. I probably should stay away from Mo’s clam chowder! But I’m a sucker for that yummy warm goodness. Moderation!

No touching candy!
Walk around the beach while at the retreat
Stay on plan
Map out the week’s menu


A goal hit!

A while ago, I made a goal to hit 40 lb. If I hadn’t been a slacker in August, I would have hit it in September, but alas, I was. So I hit it today! I am down 40.8 lb since Jan 2! Sweet! I lost 3.4 lb this last week, which was great. I know I haven’t really posted much, but I am working on it.

This week, Chandler & I will belt test in Taekwondo. I am hoping to try for a double belt promotion, but only if Chandler will be able to do the same. He’s confident he’s ready to try, so I let him lead (as well as Master Null). We just need to practice our Korean terminology and Q&A portion of the test. I had a goal (in addition to) to be able to Ax Kick at my head level by this week. I accomplished that goal two weeks ago! Who would have known a 290.4 lb woman could do that! I did! 🙂

I have been also working on eating more homemade food, less junk. I think I have been doing pretty good with that. A lot of soup and sandwiches for lunch. I will try and put some recipes up this week. I tried a Pasta Fegioli soup from Skinnytaste that was great! And I made some PB Banana Muffins that were good too-needed some mini chocolate chips, though.

Team Warriors 4 Alex, 2011

 The Brown family also participated in the Light the Night walk on Oct. 1. It was a great moment for the Warriors 4 Alex, even though Alex was still at the hospital recovering from his Bone Marrow Transplant.  We had over 60 Warriors walk with us and it was a very moving evening, even with a little bit of a sprinkle. So far our team has raised over $9,300! We have two more fundraisers coming up, Dutch Bros Beaverton on Monday Oct 24, and Zumba at Hardcore Training Studio on Nov 5! If you can come, check out our facebook page

The Browns

In the mean time, check out the pages below! More progress and notes!

Progress page
Taekwondo Diary

10%, woo!

Jeannine and I with my 10% ring!

Today was a great day, and it’s only noon! On Friday I did my weigh in at Weight Watchers to find out that I had already hit 10%, loosing 3.8 lb since Monday. So today when I went in, I was hoping last night’s dinner at John’s didn’t kill that 3.8 lb that I had already lost. It didn’t! Today I was down 5.2 lb, for a total loss of 34.6 lb!

A few things helped in getting me to this point this week. I didn’t step on the scale at home. I only stepped on the WW scale and my doctor’s scale last week. I counted and tracked! I made wise choices, salad with chicken instead of pasta at Ernesto’s, and at John’s, I went with salad first then had the pizza… Filled up on the healthy, before the “junk.” And I used Sharon’s advice, trying Walk of the Pounds DVD. I did it 4 times last week, and man was covered in sweat. In 15 minutes, I burned 300 calories, just walking in place (some sideways, forward & backwards included)! I was sold. So I moved! Plus I didn’t sit on my butt as much! I was busy doing things, gearing up for Linc’s birthday party on Sunday (gasp).

Bodybugg Stats:
Calories burned: 3314
Calorie Consumed: 1870
Calorie Deficit: 1444
Activity time: 1 hr 7 min
Steps taken: 6861
Hours slept: 7 hrs 39 minutes

Not too bad! Goal for this coming week, continue with the Walk off the Pounds DVDs, track, and try one new recipe ( has some that I am going to try), and be good on Linc’s birthday!

Here’s a picture of Jean

Have a great week! Much love,


What’s the worst?

After last week’s long list of emotions and changes I was prepped for a gain… How much was the big question. Sure enough at the weigh in this morning I was up .2. On Friday I was up 1.4, so I was fine with the .2! So I am 6 pounds away from my 10% goal.

I already hit the gym this afternoon, getting back to the weights and cardio. Tomorrow, I’ll do the same. Now the challenge comes in! Rob starts working in the Fab on Wednesday. Do I take Lincoln with me to the gym and go for an hour or do I wait and go at night (around 9)? Hell, I suppose I could just figure out some sort of cardio and do the weights at the house since I have a bench and a set of dumbbells. Hmmm.

I just see myself using that as an excuse!!! I don’t want to do that. I need to prep my body for my 2 hour Zumba class/benefit on Sunday! So I have to hit the gym. I am excited though that my sister will be coming to the benefit for Chandler & Lincoln’s speech clinic (Kidtalk).

I am also realizing that Rob will be home for Sunday night and every other Wednesday night for dinner. That’s a bit of a bummer, and it also kills my being able to blame him for not knowing what to do for dinner! Doh! So tonight I sat down with Chandler and we came up with a 2 week dinner plan, or I should say 12 days worth since Rob will get the nights he’s home! LOL.

The other thing I need to come clean on is that I haven’t been tracking! I jumped back online today and started tracking again. I know that is 50% of this thing, knowing what goes in the mouth!

So this week: TRACK TRACK TRACK and hit the gym!

Facing the music Monday…and it’s beautiful!

Last week’s weigh in on Monday was not good (up 2.4), but I knew it when I walked into WW that morning. Last week was a difficult week since I lost my laptop (hard drive on Sunday and motherboard on Wednesday), and anyone who knows me, knows that is a very difficult thing to loose!!!! Talk about stress! Thank goodness we have the Geeks (Geeksaknockin) who took care of my hard drive, and Costco for having a 2 year warranty!!! As of this morning it’s now fixed, but I am now recovering my data (thank you Carbonite), which will take some time.

But to the weigh in, itself! I went in on Friday (Good Friday to be exact) and jumped on the scale. I was down! I was down 2.6! Woo! Now I knew I had worked out hard, cardio and lifting on my own. It’s been hard to make it to group exercise classes as of late, so I am developing my own system using the stuff I learned in Bodypump! Looks like it’s working. I made it to the gym 3 times, one of them being Sunday morning before Easter service. I wanted to make sure I was good, and had a good calorie burn since it was not only Easter but my 33rd birthday!

I was good, I didn’t measure, but I made good choices. I picked turkey over prime rib, 1/2 of a baked potato, more green beans, less creamed corn (OMG, that was to die for since it was homemade). The birthday cake was homemade too, and it was delish! Ok, I know you all want to know the bottom line!

And that is, I am down 5.4 in 1 week! Holy moly! What a great birthday present! Total loss is 24.

Here is a photo from Saturday night, when we went and saw the 10 Grands concert (Mom and I). Needless to say I was thrilled! And I also did my inches, and I’m down 7″ at least since February!

Thanks for all the support! Here’s to being down at least 25 next week!

Bodybugg data for the last week:
Calories burned (2800 goal): 3071 Average
Calories consumed (1800 goal): 1754 Average
Calorie deficit (1000 goal): 1317 Average
Physical Activity(45 min goal): 41 min Average
Steps (8000 goal): 5148 Average
BMI: 50