3rd week and a bunch of selfies!

With my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers, I was able to see that there is a “third week stall” that can occur. I was down only 1.4 lb. I know I say only, and that’s not correct; I am very happy that I was down. I have heard stories of people gaining 3 lb this week, so I will take it!!! I think I am ready to get back to doing my cardio classes this week since my stomach is feeling MUCH better (I should say my abdominal muscles). I did speak to my nutritionist on Friday and had a very positive chat.

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Been home 36 hours

Tuesday afternoon I was discharged from Good Sam, and my mom and sister brought me home, while Rob worked at home. I was feeling okay but was having some nausea and pain. Once that was all under control. and I napped a bit more, we (ok. Mom and sister) packed up and rolled out (in a wheelchair for me)! Thankfully the hospital has valet parking, so we didn’t have to wait long for the car. Once I got home, I essentially plopped on the couch for the rest of the day, trying to SIP water. I did try a Kirkland zero dragon fruit water but it was still a bit too sweet. I learned that my new stomach (probably need a fun name for it 😉) likes to make funny gurgling noises… Not really attractive. I was chewing gas x like it was candy, to help with the bubbling sounds from the gut, and it did really help. If or dinner, I tried to drink a protein shake, nope, didn’t like that! So I kept sipping water.

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A new plan of action

Small v-day

After 4 solid years of doing Weight Watchers and counting calories, I had lost 71 lb, then gained 40 back, and have lost another 20, for a total of 52 lb. While I am so proud of that number, I am still bummed that it’s taken so long and has been do difficult to lose and maintain. In addition to coping with having a chronic disease, I am a mom, a wife and employee. So in February I decided to look into Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS) with Dr. Emma Patterson. I had looked into my insurance (Cigna) and bariatric surgery is covered at 90%.

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3 years in…

Today marks 3 years into my weight loss journey. I have learned a lot while traveling this road, this bumpy, curvy, long, road. I have learned that it is okay to fall off the wagon, as long as you get back on as soon as you can. It’s good to know how to portion your meals for 1 person, not 3. It is good to exercise, and you might even like it! Speaking of exercise, the best trick is to find something you love to do, not loathe. For me it was Martial Arts: Taekwondo and Hapkido. I learned that the word diet is not a good word, lifestyle is the word to use. This is not something that will be a quick jaunt, it’s a stinking journey and a life long one at that.

Before, Summer of 2009

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Nice loss!

This week’s weigh in was a great one, especially after last week’s Mexican sanfu! I lost 5.2 this week!!! I am very happy with that number and will try really hard to lose another 1-2 lb next week so I break even on the month, and not post a gain!

I’ve started to weight lift 3 times a week following a plan from a book I bought: The New Rules for Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler M.S.

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Hanging in Lahaina.

I got to take a vacation in June, the first time away from the hubby and kids (for 5 days). I had never been to Hawaii (Maui) and I was looking forward to it. My plan for the diet was to maintain, but enjoy myself. I was going to eat what I wanted but make wise choices. Did I have dessert? Yep, and I enjoyed it! But I don’t drink, so I wasn’t drinking a bunch of calories, which I think is a saving grace.


We did a lot of walking and shopping, and I think having a house versus a hotel was awesome. We were able to get cereal and milk for breakfast (what I do at home) and had good snack choices (OK, Kettle corn is probably not the best choice, but it’s better than chocolate, LOL).  Continue reading

Defying Gravity, an inspiration

A couple years ago I was lucky enough to be able to see the Broadway show Wicked here in Portland. It soon became a favorite! I’ve read the book (not nearly as good as the musical, in my opinion), and seen the show a second time. I workout to the soundtrack, OK just a couple songs (Popular and Defying Gravity), but it really is a great motivator!  If you were to listen to the song, you would hear why this is an inspirational song for me. Not because it’s warm and fuzzy, but because it’s raw, gritty, emotional, and sad.

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Last April weigh in!

This has been a great month for me! As I look back at my numbers from last year until today, I have a sense of motivation and a revival of purpose. It’s been a very rough week emotionally for me: strep throat for the whole family, antibiotics, my 35th birthday where we aren’t able to celebrate until the weekend, things I want to do falling through, just to name a few. But the one thing to bring me back to center, was weighing in this morning. I was down 2.4, bringing me to the lowest since July 2012! I am so proud of this, I can’t even begin to explain. I needed something positive today and I got it in the form of a few numbers.

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Recipe of the Week: Brownies for 4 Points Plus, yes please!

Brownies… One thing most people love to eat! If you are on a diet, they can be an evil temptation! But fear not! I tried a new recipe making brownies, not only healthy, but (in my opinion) good for you!  They are packed with fiber and protein, and with plenty of chocolate goodness! Gina at Skinnytaste has great recipes and I’ve only tried one thing that wasn’t delish…This is NOT it! Do you want to know what the secret ingredient is? Continue reading to see it!

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Weight Watcher’s ActiveLink Assessment complete

Today is my first day after completing the assessment phase of Weight Watcher’s new weight loss tool, ActiveLink. I wore the little device clipped to the inside of my bra or cami for the last week. You wear while you are awake, even showering if you want; it’s waterproof! While you are in the assessment phase you are to be “normal,” in other words, don’t start working out while you are being assessed. That kind of threw a glitch in my plan last week, since I was planning on starting a couple of classes. But, I could wait a week (Monday to Monday).

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