3rd week and a bunch of selfies!

With my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers, I was able to see that there is a “third week stall” that can occur. I was down only 1.4 lb. I know I say only, and that’s not correct; I am very happy that I was down. I have heard stories of people gaining 3 lb this week, so I will take it!!! I think I am ready to get back to doing my cardio classes this week since my stomach is feeling MUCH better (I should say my abdominal muscles). I did speak to my nutritionist on Friday and had a very positive chat.

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You spin me right round, baby


My RPM cycle computer info! Avg pace 74, heart rate 123, and a trip of 15.3!

Oh yes, 15 days post op and I was back spinning in RPM class today! So yes, I am singing this old tune (by Dead or Alive), just the chorus though. And I have to say I am ALIVE!!!!! I am so happy to be back on the tiny saddle, with my tiny tummy! Even though I didn’t really follow the class, I kept a slower pace than the others (who were going at a 144 RPM, which is HAULIN’!), only going between 60-115 RPM. But I was able to go a good distance of around 15.0 on the trip (no it’s not miles, but my usual is anywhere from 15.5-18 in a 45 minute class). Continue reading

10 days post op

Holy cow, I have been sleeved for 10 days! There are a few things I can tell you, liquid diet isn’t that fun, you will wish to exercise, you will be achy, coughing will hurt, and you will be so proud of the choice you made!!! The first week, I dropped 9.6 lb! 

Yesterday, I tried a tiny bit, maybe 2 oz, of baked potato with some light butter and Parmesan for dinner. It was so good. I was so thrilled to actually chew something. Then for my PM snack, I concocted a chocolate protein pudding! It has 12 g of protein in 1/2 cup. Score! It’s nice to have things with some texture, don’t get me wrong, liquids do go down really easy. But I have a hard time going SLOW with the liquids or water. When it’s a bit thicker, I slow down and enjoy myself. I feel like I get to taste the flavors that are exploding in my mouth (like tonight’s chicken tortilla soup). Needless to say, slowing down and trying to sip my drinks/dinners/shakes, has been the #1 thing for me to learn. Continue reading

Officially sleeved!

last week Dr. Patterson’s office called and asked if they could bump me up a week. Of course I said yes, let’s roll! They moved it to Monday, April 27.2015 @10:30 surgery time. Rob and I got to Good Sam at 8:30. After all the prep, IVs, blood he is, and IV medications, I was wheeled to the OR around 11. 

I have been told there wasn’t a hiatal hernia, yay!!i woke up in recovery around 2 in the afternoon. I wa wheeled into my room around 3, I think. Rob hung out until 4:30 or so so he could take Chan to baseball practice. My mom came a little bit later, and stayed with me until 9 or so. She walked the loop with me and it was really nice. I was sleeping most of the day, by 8 I was awake. I kind of felt bad sleeping all day when pee were visiting, but they understood. 


my first real walk, with mom, roughly 10 hrs post-op.

By 9 PM I still hadn’t peed, so I had to go or they would put a cath in to empty my bladder. I had to do it by 11, at 10:30 I peed 16 ounces. LOL. Then I did the same amount around 3 AM too. Since I was up, I walked the floor to see if that would ease the gas pain. 

Now at 7 AM, I have had 3 oz of either Tylenol or milk. The protein shakes here are awfully sweet! Plus, no chocolate! 😱 if all goes well, I could be out of here I. 3-4 hours. I will update alittle later or tomorrow. I am getting tired now. 


A new plan of action

Small v-day

After 4 solid years of doing Weight Watchers and counting calories, I had lost 71 lb, then gained 40 back, and have lost another 20, for a total of 52 lb. While I am so proud of that number, I am still bummed that it’s taken so long and has been do difficult to lose and maintain. In addition to coping with having a chronic disease, I am a mom, a wife and employee. So in February I decided to look into Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS) with Dr. Emma Patterson. I had looked into my insurance (Cigna) and bariatric surgery is covered at 90%.

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