10 days post op

Holy cow, I have been sleeved for 10 days! There are a few things I can tell you, liquid diet isn’t that fun, you will wish to exercise, you will be achy, coughing will hurt, and you will be so proud of the choice you made!!! The first week, I dropped 9.6 lb! 

Yesterday, I tried a tiny bit, maybe 2 oz, of baked potato with some light butter and Parmesan for dinner. It was so good. I was so thrilled to actually chew something. Then for my PM snack, I concocted a chocolate protein pudding! It has 12 g of protein in 1/2 cup. Score! It’s nice to have things with some texture, don’t get me wrong, liquids do go down really easy. But I have a hard time going SLOW with the liquids or water. When it’s a bit thicker, I slow down and enjoy myself. I feel like I get to taste the flavors that are exploding in my mouth (like tonight’s chicken tortilla soup). Needless to say, slowing down and trying to sip my drinks/dinners/shakes, has been the #1 thing for me to learn. Continue reading


A new plan of action

Small v-day

After 4 solid years of doing Weight Watchers and counting calories, I had lost 71 lb, then gained 40 back, and have lost another 20, for a total of 52 lb. While I am so proud of that number, I am still bummed that it’s taken so long and has been do difficult to lose and maintain. In addition to coping with having a chronic disease, I am a mom, a wife and employee. So in February I decided to look into Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS) with Dr. Emma Patterson. I had looked into my insurance (Cigna) and bariatric surgery is covered at 90%.

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Now 4 years in and a new plan

Okay, so I have been a bad blogger. It’s been way too long, I know. But I will get everyone caught up in the next couple weeks. I will say I am back, and I have been working really hard at losing the weight I had gained while dealing with the MS diagnosis. That diagnosis really fucked with me, I gained 40 lb back… Was near 300 lb again. When I saw the 299, I told myself “Hell NO, not again!” So In August, we joined VillaSport, there I began working out again, even tried a spin class. I have lost nearly 20 lb since joining, and guess what?!

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Started off very slow

I began the new year on Solu-Medrol for a relapse in my MS, and big plans… Those plans have taken a while to be put into action. I had begun 2014 with plans on taking back my life; my life I had before the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in October. I wanted to lose the weight I had started to gain back. I wanted back into the gym. I wanted my damn motivation back!!!!!

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Update…and it’s irritating!

So I have been waiting and waiting to get the OK to go on the Multiple Sclerosis medicine called Gilenya. I have since learned that getting on any of the MS drugs takes a long time (2-4 weeks on average-me lots longer), and it’s a red tape nightmare. This is the sequence of events that has pissed me off (this time):
1. Submitted Gilenya form on 11/6 (2 weeks late)
2. Doc’s assistant forgot to get actual prescription signed by Dr. had to fax it back in. 11/10
3. Was denied by insurance, insurance asked for questionnaire (appeal) to be filled out and sent back on 11/26
4. Insurance officially denied the medication on 12/4 due to never receiving the questionnaire.
5. Said questionnaire was faxed on  12/4
6. Saw Dr. Egan and ripped him and his assistant a new one for this all slipping through the cracks. He apologized and admitted it was wrong. GOOD! 🙂

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Moving along!

Today I met with my Neurologist, Dr. Egan, to go over my MS diagnosis. I was able to see my MRI images, which were kind of cool, in a sick and twisted sort of way. 🙂  So here are the pictures of the images that were on the screen, hence why they look bad. But you can see a bunch of white spots, nothing that was glowing, showing an active lesion. But I am in remission right now so that explains it.

MRI circled 1a

This is the spot that is messing with my vision. I’ve been told this will not cause blindness but double vision.

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Motivation has returned!

After having some “low” weeks with a knee injury, gaining weight, and not wanting to track, I am finally back! Back to the gym that it! 😀 Last week I made it to the gym a couple of times, hit the Dojo and trained. I moderated the jump and spin kicks, but did great with some fun combos. It felt great to be back and sweating! Best yet, when I went to WW on Friday, I was down .6 lb. It’s amazing to me how FAST you can gain 4 lb and take FOREVER to lose it!!! Oy! So I am still up 3.8 from my lowest, but I really hope being back full-time to working out this week puts a nice dent into that number.

But while I have been recovering with the knee, we have had some fun family stuff. My awesome Mama turned 60, so we had a big celebration dinner for her. Here are some new pictures! Lots of fun!

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Summer in full swing!

Summer is NOT my favorite season by any stretch of the imagination. Sure I enjoy the long days, the *warm* not hot evenings, but I really hate the heat and the fact that school is out until after Labor Day. Last summer I planned on going to the gym and eventually summer “got in the way” and I didn’t go. This year I said the same thing, but even as summer has gotten in the way, I’ve kept my commitment to hit the gym and keep going. I have the “My 24” app on my iPhone and it is quite cool that it lets me see when I’ve been to the gym. I can say I’ve been there the last 7 days, training hard. Woot! I’d show a screen cap, but their website is down. But…. Continue reading


Hanging in Lahaina.

I got to take a vacation in June, the first time away from the hubby and kids (for 5 days). I had never been to Hawaii (Maui) and I was looking forward to it. My plan for the diet was to maintain, but enjoy myself. I was going to eat what I wanted but make wise choices. Did I have dessert? Yep, and I enjoyed it! But I don’t drink, so I wasn’t drinking a bunch of calories, which I think is a saving grace.


We did a lot of walking and shopping, and I think having a house versus a hotel was awesome. We were able to get cereal and milk for breakfast (what I do at home) and had good snack choices (OK, Kettle corn is probably not the best choice, but it’s better than chocolate, LOL).  Continue reading