10 days post op

Holy cow, I have been sleeved for 10 days! There are a few things I can tell you, liquid diet isn’t that fun, you will wish to exercise, you will be achy, coughing will hurt, and you will be so proud of the choice you made!!! The first week, I dropped 9.6 lb! 

Yesterday, I tried a tiny bit, maybe 2 oz, of baked potato with some light butter and Parmesan for dinner. It was so good. I was so thrilled to actually chew something. Then for my PM snack, I concocted a chocolate protein pudding! It has 12 g of protein in 1/2 cup. Score! It’s nice to have things with some texture, don’t get me wrong, liquids do go down really easy. But I have a hard time going SLOW with the liquids or water. When it’s a bit thicker, I slow down and enjoy myself. I feel like I get to taste the flavors that are exploding in my mouth (like tonight’s chicken tortilla soup). Needless to say, slowing down and trying to sip my drinks/dinners/shakes, has been the #1 thing for me to learn. Continue reading


Recipe of the week: Herb & Parmesan Crusted Oven Fries

Today I was surfing Pinterest, wasting some time (hey, it’s the weekend). And I happened across a pin for baked fries. Well that caught my eye since we were doing hamburgers for dinner tonight. And since this is my first real cheat meal in the last week, I figured I’d try something different. 🙂 I loved the variety of spices and the bit of Parmesan cheese that would make it even more amazing. I will say this, the kitchen smelled awesome! The kids enjoyed them and agreed that they will be added to the potato rotation! Score! Click the jump for the details!

Herb & Parmesan Crusted Fries

Herb & Parmesan Crusted Fries

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Recipe of the Week: Chicken Tetrazzini a la Crock Pot

I have always liked this dish, and I had liked a recipe from Allrecipes.com a long time ago. When I found this dish on 365 Days of Slow Cooking, I had to try it out. Especially since we are all about using the Crock Pot on Tuesday and Thursday nights (also known as Taekwondo nights). I changed the recipe just a little, using things I actually had in the pantry. In other words, all dried or canned. 🙂 I also added some garlic to it. Next time I might add a dash of Chardonnay to give it another layer of flavor. The whole family liked it, Lincoln loved the pasta with the sauce.

Chicken Tetrazzini a la crockpot

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Recipe of the Week: Brownies for 4 Points Plus, yes please!

Brownies… One thing most people love to eat! If you are on a diet, they can be an evil temptation! But fear not! I tried a new recipe making brownies, not only healthy, but (in my opinion) good for you!  They are packed with fiber and protein, and with plenty of chocolate goodness! Gina at Skinnytaste has great recipes and I’ve only tried one thing that wasn’t delish…This is NOT it! Do you want to know what the secret ingredient is? Continue reading to see it!

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New recipe of the week: Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken

Week two of my recipe a week and we went with a Mexican meal, especially since Lincoln loves “Spicy.” Since Tuesdays are Taekwondo nights and Rob starting his new job, I had no idea if there would be time to make dinner tonight. Break out the fancy Crockpot and dinner will be done promptly at 6:30 when we get home. Sweet! And since I have a serious addiction to Pinterest, here’s my Crockpot Yummies Board. There I’ve pinned a plethora of yummies that I will be or have already tried. I wanted to try something we could use as a taco filler, on top of a salad, or as a main dish with a starchy side.

Tonight I made this with tortillas for the kids, along with refried beans (because they just *have* to have them when it’s Mexican food), salad, cheese, and some baked Tostitos chips.

Crock Pot Chicken Santa Fe

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New Recipe a week: Pressure cookin’ Beef Bourguignon

For Christmas my mom bought me an electric  pressure cooker; it’s orange! Woo!!! She knows me so well. After looking/stalking Pinterest for what would be hours (really 1-maybe), I found some interesting recipes to try. If you want to see what I pinned, look here: Pressure Cookin’ in Pinterest

I found a yummy looking recipe that called for stew meat, wine and carrots: SOLD! 🙂 I served it with mashed potatoes and flaky rolls from the local bakery. The kids loved it, and so did the hubby! It really makes plenty, so it’s great for a special meal, that won’t take forever to cook! Enjoy!

Photo from Pressure Cooker Centre, where the recipe was adapted.

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