Summer in full swing!

Summer is NOT my favorite season by any stretch of the imagination. Sure I enjoy the long days, the *warm* not hot evenings, but I really hate the heat and the fact that school is out until after Labor Day. Last summer I planned on going to the gym and eventually summer “got in the way” and I didn’t go. This year I said the same thing, but even as summer has gotten in the way, I’ve kept my commitment to hit the gym and keep going. I have the “My 24” app on my iPhone and it is quite cool that it lets me see when I’ve been to the gym. I can say I’ve been there the last 7 days, training hard. Woot! I’d show a screen cap, but their website is down. But…. Continue reading


Photo from the gym

Finished biking 10 miles, ready to practice some Poomsae! Figured I would be one of those people who takes pictures of the elves at the gym. But you can really see the loss of 60 lbs.


Lowest since December 2012!

In March, my mom bought me a fitbit as an Easter present. So on March 20, I put it on and got back to work on loosing weight and hitting 60 lb lost by June 21. My starting weight when I got the Fitbit was 280.8. Yesterday I weighed in and hit 279! I haven’t been in the 270’s since December. I am pleased with this, VERY! Total lost is 52.2, so I have 7.8 to lose in 61 days. Combined with going to WW meetings, hitting the gym/dojo 4-5 times a week, and watching my calories (1,800 goal). I should be able to do this, even if I was aiming for loss of 1 lb a week! So there it is. With a lot of work, I could be at -60 by the time I set foot in Hawaii, which is a place I’ve never been!