Summer in full swing!

Summer is NOT my favorite season by any stretch of the imagination. Sure I enjoy the long days, the *warm* not hot evenings, but I really hate the heat and the fact that school is out until after Labor Day. Last summer I planned on going to the gym and eventually summer “got in the way” and I didn’t go. This year I said the same thing, but even as summer has gotten in the way, I’ve kept my commitment to hit the gym and keep going. I have the “My 24” app on my iPhone and it is quite cool that it lets me see when I’ve been to the gym. I can say I’ve been there the last 7 days, training hard. Woot! I’d show a screen cap, but their website is down. But…. Continue reading


Lowest since December 2012!

In March, my mom bought me a fitbit as an Easter present. So on March 20, I put it on and got back to work on loosing weight and hitting 60 lb lost by June 21. My starting weight when I got the Fitbit was 280.8. Yesterday I weighed in and hit 279! I haven’t been in the 270’s since December. I am pleased with this, VERY! Total lost is 52.2, so I have 7.8 to lose in 61 days. Combined with going to WW meetings, hitting the gym/dojo 4-5 times a week, and watching my calories (1,800 goal). I should be able to do this, even if I was aiming for loss of 1 lb a week! So there it is. With a lot of work, I could be at -60 by the time I set foot in Hawaii, which is a place I’ve never been!