You spin me right round, baby


My RPM cycle computer info! Avg pace 74, heart rate 123, and a trip of 15.3!

Oh yes, 15 days post op and I was back spinning in RPM class today! So yes, I am singing this old tune (by Dead or Alive), just the chorus though. And I have to say I am ALIVE!!!!! I am so happy to be back on the tiny saddle, with my tiny tummy! Even though I didn’t really follow the class, I kept a slower pace than the others (who were going at a 144 RPM, which is HAULIN’!), only going between 60-115 RPM. But I was able to go a good distance of around 15.0 on the trip (no it’s not miles, but my usual is anywhere from 15.5-18 in a 45 minute class). Continue reading


I am 1 in 750, Who would have thought

This is an update that I was really hoping not to have to write. Here’s the general back story, you can click the posts to get more details:

In this post I wrote about how I was having numbness on my right lower leg and right hand, where it took 2 weeks for it to subside. I figured it was related to my knee injury and a tweak in my wrist from Hapkido.  Then a few weeks ago I wrote this post about how it came back, but worse, including vision disturbances.

Last Wednesday I went to have a brain MRI to rule out the possibilities. That was a whole lot of claustrophobic fun! Not!!! It took about an hour, and thankfully my mother in law suggested the sleep mask to keep me from seeing how closed in it really is. It took a week to get the results.

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Black Belt Test

On June 18 and 20, 2013, I embarked on a test that was nearly two years in the making. I was invited by my instructor, Angel, to test for my black belt in Taekwondo (TKD). I knew about the test about 6 weeks ahead, which enabled me to train much harder and focus my time in the areas that I was lacking in. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would be at 24 hr fitness  doing cardio for about 45 minutes and then I would work on my Poomsae (forms) in the Group X room for about another 45 minutes. Eventually I added doing the same on Tuesday and Thursdays as well as the usual TKD training we’d do in class. On June 17th I did a light cardio workout and ran through my Poomsae, and realized I was indeed ready. I wasn’t nervous, I knew what I needed to do, I practiced, I visualized the self-defense moves, and how I’d spar. I was good to go. Bring it on!

On Tuesday at 5:30 PM, I show up to Black Eagle ready to go. Below is the agenda for the two-day test, each day was about 2 hours.

Agenda for the 2 day test

Agenda for the 2 day test

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