3rd week and a bunch of selfies!

With my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers, I was able to see that there is a “third week stall” that can occur. I was down only 1.4 lb. I know I say only, and that’s not correct; I am very happy that I was down. I have heard stories of people gaining 3 lb this week, so I will take it!!! I think I am ready to get back to doing my cardio classes this week since my stomach is feeling MUCH better (I should say my abdominal muscles). I did speak to my nutritionist on Friday and had a very positive chat.

I was concerned I was eating too many carbs. I knew I was okay on my protein goals, but I was worried about eating 50-70 grams of carbs. None of the carbs I was eating were simple sugar/refined carbs, they mostly were lactose sugars/carbs, which was ok’d by the clinic. I was asked how many calories I was eating and told to get up to 800 calories a day by the time I see my surgeon on the 28th. I am ranging from 600-800 a day right now, and with that my carbs can be between 60-80 (aiming for 30%). So my macros I have set in myfitnesspal are Protein 40%, Fat 30% and Carbs 30%, this is what I had already set them at, so I was happy to hear I was right. She also said the stall is because people don’t eat enough (example 500 calories), which is why they are working on me getting to 800 and sticking there.

I did my measurements today, I am down 8.25 inches and 15.2 lb in 3 weeks! Woo!

Today we went fishing for the first time with the kiddos. I am going to blast you all with some fun selfies (no filters, either) of myself and my men.

Lincoln and I

Chandler and I

Rob and I

My men and their fish.

Next time I plan on talking food. Stay tuned!

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