10 days post op

Holy cow, I have been sleeved for 10 days! There are a few things I can tell you, liquid diet isn’t that fun, you will wish to exercise, you will be achy, coughing will hurt, and you will be so proud of the choice you made!!! The first week, I dropped 9.6 lb! 

Yesterday, I tried a tiny bit, maybe 2 oz, of baked potato with some light butter and Parmesan for dinner. It was so good. I was so thrilled to actually chew something. Then for my PM snack, I concocted a chocolate protein pudding! It has 12 g of protein in 1/2 cup. Score! It’s nice to have things with some texture, don’t get me wrong, liquids do go down really easy. But I have a hard time going SLOW with the liquids or water. When it’s a bit thicker, I slow down and enjoy myself. I feel like I get to taste the flavors that are exploding in my mouth (like tonight’s chicken tortilla soup). Needless to say, slowing down and trying to sip my drinks/dinners/shakes, has been the #1 thing for me to learn.

Best yogurt! Triple Zero Strawberry Oikos Greek

This afternoon, I spent time in the back yard trimming my Hydrangeas. They needed to be deadheaded for ages! Every time I was thinking of doing it, rain would set in, or the kids had something going on. So finally in the beautiful weather I did my yard work, plus laid down crossbow to kill the ivy that is trying to come back (die, just die!). I felt good, getting out there, cutting things back. I was worried about my abs since they are nowhere near healed, but I tried to take it easy and not bend too much. I did stop and skip digging out the hosta that I wanted to move. I might do that this weekend instead. Plus I have a bunch of day lilies to divide and plant (thanks Mom!). I’d love to be able to have a pre-func party for Mother’s day out in the back yard then move into eat inside where we can sit 9 people. That meal will be my first official pureed meal, I think it’s going to be burgers, so it could get interesting. 🙂

I will leave you fellow VSGers and Bariatric friends with my Chocolate pudding recipe.

Protein Pudding

1 small box of Sugar Free Jello pudding (pick your favorite flavor)

2 C of Protein Plus 2% milk (I get this at Safeway, it’s by Lucerene)

1 scoop of your protein powder (I used MRM all Natural Whey in Dutch Chocolate, that’s what the macros are using to calculate)

Mix all together according to directions on the box of jello pudding. Add in the protein powder and whisk it until nice and blended. Then chill. Makes 4  1/2 C servings

Calories: 121 Carbs: 12 Fat: 3 Protein: 12 Fiber: 1 Sugar: 4

I will follow-up next week with the weigh in and Mother’s day. Have a great week everyone!

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