Been home 36 hours

Tuesday afternoon I was discharged from Good Sam, and my mom and sister brought me home, while Rob worked at home. I was feeling okay but was having some nausea and pain. Once that was all under control. and I napped a bit more, we (ok. Mom and sister) packed up and rolled out (in a wheelchair for me)! Thankfully the hospital has valet parking, so we didn’t have to wait long for the car. Once I got home, I essentially plopped on the couch for the rest of the day, trying to SIP water. I did try a Kirkland zero dragon fruit water but it was still a bit too sweet. I learned that my new stomach (probably need a fun name for it 😉) likes to make funny gurgling noises… Not really attractive. I was chewing gas x like it was candy, to help with the bubbling sounds from the gut, and it did really help. If or dinner, I tried to drink a protein shake, nope, didn’t like that! So I kept sipping water.

When end I went to bed I took my Oxycodone and dropped. I tossed and turned a lot last night. My left side of my abdomen is the sorest spot, which is where they removed my stomach, is the side I sleep on. So besides being stiff, in pain due to using muscles that were cut into, I said forget it at 5:30. I went downstairs to the recliner and relaxed with my pillows and down comforter.

Since I was awake, I enjoyed Father of the Bride part 2, then the house woke up. Rob was a blessing and took the kids to the bus stop, and then worked from home. Since I was worried about driving, he took me to get some s

Chicken stock and Wonder Woman mug, great combo!

Chicken stock and Wonder Woman mug, great combo!

ugar free jello and Popsicles. I kept sipping my water, had 1 protein shake (25g protein), and 1/3 cup of jello cup. My mom and sister brought over homemade chicken stock and I had about 2 oz of that. Delish, even helped clear out my lungs!

We then headed downtown to watch the Winterhawks game. I snuck in my water; not paying $4.50 for that, and watched the Hawks lose. One the way home I realized I needed food/liquid stat! I kept sipping my water, but I needed something else. I was nervous that whatever I made would be chugged, so I did 3 oz of protein milk and 1/2 scoop of MRM whey protein. Took 30 min to sip it down, but now I feel much better. Tonight I took my Oxy again, and am planning on sleeping in bed. We’ll see how I do. Next update over the weekend.

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