Officially sleeved!

last week Dr. Patterson’s office called and asked if they could bump me up a week. Of course I said yes, let’s roll! They moved it to Monday, April 27.2015 @10:30 surgery time. Rob and I got to Good Sam at 8:30. After all the prep, IVs, blood he is, and IV medications, I was wheeled to the OR around 11. 

I have been told there wasn’t a hiatal hernia, yay!!i woke up in recovery around 2 in the afternoon. I wa wheeled into my room around 3, I think. Rob hung out until 4:30 or so so he could take Chan to baseball practice. My mom came a little bit later, and stayed with me until 9 or so. She walked the loop with me and it was really nice. I was sleeping most of the day, by 8 I was awake. I kind of felt bad sleeping all day when pee were visiting, but they understood. 


my first real walk, with mom, roughly 10 hrs post-op.

By 9 PM I still hadn’t peed, so I had to go or they would put a cath in to empty my bladder. I had to do it by 11, at 10:30 I peed 16 ounces. LOL. Then I did the same amount around 3 AM too. Since I was up, I walked the floor to see if that would ease the gas pain. 

Now at 7 AM, I have had 3 oz of either Tylenol or milk. The protein shakes here are awfully sweet! Plus, no chocolate! 😱 if all goes well, I could be out of here I. 3-4 hours. I will update alittle later or tomorrow. I am getting tired now. 



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