Started off very slow

I began the new year on Solu-Medrol for a relapse in my MS, and big plans… Those plans have taken a while to be put into action. I had begun 2014 with plans on taking back my life; my life I had before the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in October. I wanted to lose the weight I had started to gain back. I wanted back into the gym. I wanted my damn motivation back!!!!!

After talking the talk for {now} more than 3 years, I need to go back to walking the walk. My amazing sister, Michelle, was wanting to lose weight, and I touted going on Weight Watchers. I’ve really loved the program, granted I don’t follow the points program. So since she’s getting on the new lifestyle bandwagon, I am doing it too.  So I re-entered my stats in and got the new info: 1500 Calories. I had been doing 1800 before. So this is even more “strict,” however if I exercise, I’ll eat those calories IF I am hungry and need it. Tonight I finished tracking my food (even planned for a Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream sandwich-yum) and I am 1719 eaten and 324 calories for exercise for a net of 1395 for the day.

Today also marks day 1 week 1 of  the Couch to 5k program. I’ve done it before (2 years ago) and it was good. I never got to the point where I ran more than 5 minutes, but I was feeling good! Isn’t that what counts? Which means, back in the gym, hitting the dreaded treadmill, but getting my sweat on. Knee felt fine, a bit stiff now, nearly 8 hours later, but I suppose that’s expected since I’ve been bad and haven’t been wearing my off loading brace. Whoops. BUT I did notice that the inflammation and stiffness that was in my petallar tendon is gone, so I suppose resting it really was a wise choice. Now, I know that running/jogging on it needs to be done carefully, so I’ll probably do each week twice, slowly building up to it. So it might take 16 weeks instead of 8 weeks to finish the program, IF I really want to. 😉 I just want to get back to feeling good because honestly I don’t feel good.

One thing I learned today while I was jogging on the treadmill, my MS really doesn’t care for elevated body temperature. I know it’s one of the things that can happen with MS; one of how many crappy symptoms?! So I finished my workout and I got in the car and turned on the A/C and cooled down. Then drank a bunch of water. It took 5 hours for my body to stop humming/tingling/vibrating. I also realized that when I am on the treadmill, I shouldn’t look down, when I do, I get a jolt of vibrating/tingling going down the front of my body, from my chest to my feet. CRAZY! I think I might need an index card that says, “don’t look down” so I don’t trip when it hits. Michelle, thinks I should do one that says “keep your chin up!” I kind of like that idea. 🙂

My goals for this week:
3 x 30 minute cardio workouts
Track my food {honestly} M-F

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