New neurologist!

Starting on Sunday, I started to have new symptoms (numbness from bra to toes, both sides of the body-not just right side). By Monday morning I knew this was a relapse. As the morning went on, the numbness & tingling slowly moved up my body. I had called the new neurologist’s office to see what can be done. The old neuro still had not sent the records over (ugh!), so I was seeing if they’d be willing to see me with out those records. They told me that they would call me back. In a couple hours, they called me back and said they were able to get all the records!!!!!  😀 Woot!  So they decided to see me on Tuesday (today). I was able to get my MRI records burnt to a disc so they can see the images.

Rob and I went to meet my new neurologist this afternoon. My mom was kind enough to watch the boys while we went. Dr. Smoot is at St. Vincent, and a part of the MS center there. His sole focus is MS, even ” better” is his mom has it, so he knows how much havoc it can wreck in the family/home/life. He did a full neuro exam, and talked to us about MS and how he treats it. He invited us to a seminar that he speaks at, MS 101 on the 9th of January. So my mom and I are going to go listen, since I will spill it all to Rob when I get home. But as far as the new symptoms go, it is a relapse. 😦  Dr. Smoot thinks their is a new lesion on my spine, so he’s ordered an urgent MRI of my spine (thoracic and cervical) so he can see how bad the lesions are on the spine since those are the ones that can be more debilitating than in the white matter of the brain (where I have 15 or so).  He also ordered more blood work, including B-12 levels, which could explain the fatigue. On Thursday I am going to the Infusion Clinic at the hospital to start a 3 day IV of Solu Medrol (Steroids). This should lessen the length of my relapse and prevent it from becoming “permanent.” So Thursday & Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I’ll have the IV drip done over 2 hours.

Over all I really was impressed with the Dr, and his staff (thank the Lord!). He has a nurse and a nurse practitioner that are on his team, and if I can see him, I can see the NP. I go back in a few weeks to see how I am doing. But he did want me back in the gym, and I told him if I could feel my feet, I’d be there. LOL. So hopefully when the kids get back to school, I will feel better and can get back in the gym.

Happy New Year!!!

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