Christmas & 2nd injection of Avonex

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a nice holiday week, my boys are still going crazy for all the loot they brought back. Lots of Beyblades, Kindle Fires, Disney Infinity, and other Kinect games for the Xbox, plus new Ninjago Lego sets! Lots of things to keep them occupied for the rest of break! 🙂 Here are a few pictures of the family.

Today, I had my mother in law come over after work and she taught me about how to do the injection. I was all set to do it in myself, but when it came down to it, I totally chickened out. Ugh!!! I hate needles. So after her telling me to set the needle on my skin and poke it in just a bit (drew a bead of blood), I really was over it. So I had her do it. She did it in the right front thigh. I popped a couple Advil and am now going to read a bit and watch Christmas Vacation (I love Christmas movies!!!).  Have a safe New Year’s Eve. I will be watching a movie at home in bed. I have zero interest in going out. LOL.

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