Nice loss!

This week’s weigh in was a great one, especially after last week’s Mexican sanfu! I lost 5.2 this week!!! I am very happy with that number and will try really hard to lose another 1-2 lb next week so I break even on the month, and not post a gain!

I’ve started to weight lift 3 times a week following a plan from a book I bought: The New Rules for Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler M.S.

It has a good plan to build strength and have fat loss. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and honestly, I’ve been worried more about the number on the scale than me. I know when I started lifting that I would have more muscle growth, and since it weighs more than fat, the scale will not move as much. FINALLY I am okay with that. I am going to be tracking my measurements and what my body looks like in pictures (no one will be seeing those, I am saving your eye sight)! 😀

This week I did workouts A and B for phase 1, which will last about 6 weeks. I am probably going to have to find a substitution for lunges since there is too much pressure on my knee. But the squats are feeling fine. Whoop! Some of these things are too easy (crunches, I can do way more than 2 sets of 8) where the lunges with body weight only is really hard (2 sets of 15, each leg). I know as I get stronger things will get easier, but I want to succeed in this. I know it will help tone the flab and it will make it better when I eventually have skin removal surgery. I am looking forward to getting stronger, and being the “buff” girl I know I can be!!!

This week (after having a serious cheat day yesterday), I am going to keep up at the gym: cardio 5 times at least, and weights 3 times. On Wednesday I am meeting with my Neurologist to start learning about the MS. I am really nervous about the meds causing weight gain!!! So hopefully there are some that don’t do it! I’ll mid week regarding the MS stuff and hopefully Friday I’ll have a great loss to report!

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