I am 1 in 750, Who would have thought

This is an update that I was really hoping not to have to write. Here’s the general back story, you can click the posts to get more details:

In this post I wrote about how I was having numbness on my right lower leg and right hand, where it took 2 weeks for it to subside. I figured it was related to my knee injury and a tweak in my wrist from Hapkido.  Then a few weeks ago I wrote this post about how it came back, but worse, including vision disturbances.

Last Wednesday I went to have a brain MRI to rule out the possibilities. That was a whole lot of claustrophobic fun! Not!!! It took about an hour, and thankfully my mother in law suggested the sleep mask to keep me from seeing how closed in it really is. It took a week to get the results.

Today I got to talk to my doctor and I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). There are more tests that will be need to run, but I am meeting with a Neurologist next Wednesday to go over the options. He will then give the official confirmation that I have it.

We don’t know what type I have (there are 4 types). But it is guessed that I have Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS) form of MS since I have an attack then I go into remission for a bit. 85% of people with MS have this type. There are meds that I will likely be on for the rest of my life to slow down the progression of the disease, which there is no cure.

How am I feeling about this? OK. I have an amazing support system with my family, and am being lifted in prayer from those in the Singing Christmas Tree. I am keeping up with my exercise and not letting this get me down. Am I worried that I will falter in my weight loss journey? Absolutely, which is why I am being open about this. I am not one to hide and be ashamed of what is happening to me. I will use my strong drive and serious stubbornness to tell MS that it cannot hold me back! If anything, it will give me strength to keep going. So in the meantime, I’ll be learning about MS and the treatment options.

Today I feel good, a bit sore from my new weight lifting program, but I will be at the gym for cardio this afternoon! In the meantime, I weigh in tomorrow morning, and after gaining nearly 7 last week, I hope to see a loss of 2. I’ll update tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “I am 1 in 750, Who would have thought

  1. Melissa, I am encouraged by your determination – as always. I was so disappointed to hear the diagnosis, but if anyone can make this a positive experience, it’s you. You ARE being uplifted in prayer by so many people who love you and will be there for you. Blessings, my friend.

  2. Thanks Jo! I am going for it! I figure I had a plan and if I have to deal with a challenge God has given me, then so be it. He knows I can handle it. 🙂 See you Monday!!!

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