Old Navy, What?!

I needed to get some new jeans. So I went to the strip mall to hit Lane Bryant to see what size I am.  Next door is Old Navy, so I figured what the hell, let’s check it out. I’ve been dying to be able to shop at other stores for clothes. Why not do a little test and see where I “fit” now.

So I went in to Old Navy, found out they had up to size 20! So after looking at the different cuts and styles,  I grabbed 2 different cuts in skinny and boot cut styles, and I picked up sizes 16, 18, and 20 for each. I tried the 20s first-WAY TOO BIG!!!!!! So I tried the 16 skinny jean:

Size 16 skinny jeans from Old Navy

Size 16 skinny jeans from Old Navy

Say what?! I fit them, even though I nabbed the long and not short! These are going on my Christmas list! Then In went to Lane Bryant and could hardly fit 18s, WTF?! I cannot wait until I no longer fit their over priced clothes!!!!

But I walked to the parking lot with a big smile on my face, knowing I fit OLD NAVY size 16 jeans! That’s 10 sizes lost! Whoop!

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