Motivation has returned!

After having some “low” weeks with a knee injury, gaining weight, and not wanting to track, I am finally back! Back to the gym that it! 😀 Last week I made it to the gym a couple of times, hit the Dojo and trained. I moderated the jump and spin kicks, but did great with some fun combos. It felt great to be back and sweating! Best yet, when I went to WW on Friday, I was down .6 lb. It’s amazing to me how FAST you can gain 4 lb and take FOREVER to lose it!!! Oy! So I am still up 3.8 from my lowest, but I really hope being back full-time to working out this week puts a nice dent into that number.

But while I have been recovering with the knee, we have had some fun family stuff. My awesome Mama turned 60, so we had a big celebration dinner for her. Here are some new pictures! Lots of fun!


Nicole and I


Rob and I


My beautiful Mom with Lincoln and Chandler


My sister, Michelle, Mom, Myself and Rob

As far as the knee recovery, it’s taken about 4 weeks to recover; after 2 weeks, it was feeling fine, but then I had numbness from the knee to my toes. That took 2 more weeks to go away. I would have been back to the gym if the numbness didn’t happen. Then at the same time my wrist had a pinched nerve and my hand was numb. Ugh. I was a mess for 2 weeks, all the numbness was on the right side. It was screwy. Finally at the birthday party above, the numbness was almost gone. 🙂

So now that all that is gone, I am motivated (more or less) to get back to the gym. Even when I don’t have time or the drive to go, I am making it work. And now with both boys in school full-time, I have the time to go! So I’ve been there twice so far this week and I’ve been to Hapkido as well. So I am on track!

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