Knee injuries suck!

For the last few weeks my right knee has been bugging me, as well as my hamstring. Last  Monday I was working on laundry on the couch and when I stood up, I had a zinger! I lost my range of motion in my right knee, and what worried me (and Rob) the most was the dull ache/pain behind my knee (ACL location). So I called my Osteopath, Dr. Carter, and was able to be seen the next day. So I iced it in the mean time and waited until the following morning. I went in and she checked it out, knowing I’ve had issues with it before. Sometimes my left hip would rotate and just shorten my left leg enough to cause knee pain on the right.

After checking for feeling, and nerve issues and manipulating my leg around, etc, she diagnosed me with a partially torn Petellar Tendon and a slightly torn Hamstring. I am to limit my exercise to 70% and NO weight bearing squats or lunges. I am to watch how I get up, trying to distribute the weight evenly and if possible onto my arms. I had to ice for 2 days then switch to heat unless it was throbbing (which it was a couple times). And the best part (insert sarcasm) I get a neoprene knee brace to make it all nice and hot/sweaty!!! Woo. 😉 I am using a pain patch she prescribed at night along with some Tylenol PM to help sleep. It’s been keeping me up. After 2 weeks, we re-evaluate to see if we need to do scans (x-ray might show calcification, so I am hoping that works, if not it’s a MRI).

So I am taking it easy (OK, we went bowling Friday night-but I wore the brace), I did some swimming on Thursday to get some cardio (did 30 minutes of laps), and today I hit the upright bike and did a slower pace for 30 minutes (10.8 miles). Tomorrow I am going to up the bike to 35 minutes and see how I am feeling. I feel OK when I am walking around, but going up stairs is a bit sore, and getting up from the chair kind of sucks. But I am working through it. What I am really bummed about is that I can’t do Hapkido! And I just earned my Yellow belt last Monday night (yes, I was injured, but I didn’t know how bad!). And not being able to do much last week put me up 3.2 lb!!! UGH! 😦 That didn’t make me happy, which is why I am going to work slow and consistent this week.

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