Recipe of the Week: Brownies for 4 Points Plus, yes please!

Brownies… One thing most people love to eat! If you are on a diet, they can be an evil temptation! But fear not! I tried a new recipe making brownies, not only healthy, but (in my opinion) good for you!  They are packed with fiber and protein, and with plenty of chocolate goodness! Gina at Skinnytaste has great recipes and I’ve only tried one thing that wasn’t delish…This is NOT it! Do you want to know what the secret ingredient is? Continue reading to see it!

Here it is…. Black beans! You’ve read it right!













1 box of brownie mix, 19.5 oz (family size)
1 15 oz can of black beans

Pour beans into strainer and rinse. Return to rinsed can and fill with water. Using blender or immersion blender (which is what I used), blend until smooth. It will be watery and that’s fine! Add brownie mix and beans into bowl and mix. Pour into a 13×9 pan that’s been sprayed with non stick spray. Bake for the time indicated on the brownie box and follow cooling instructions on box.











Nutrition Info

  Whole Pan 16 Servings 9 Servings
Calories 2385 149 265
Carbohydrates 510 32 57
Fat 40 3 4
Protein 45 3 5
Fiber 18 1 2
WW Points Plus 68 4 8











So there you have it, as low as 4 Points Plus for a brownie!!! They were great. Taste tested by Rob, my mother in law, and both boys and  NO ONE knew! Rob’s already had seconds! 🙂


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