Weight Watcher’s ActiveLink Assessment complete

Today is my first day after completing the assessment phase of Weight Watcher’s new weight loss tool, ActiveLink. I wore the little device clipped to the inside of my bra or cami for the last week. You wear while you are awake, even showering if you want; it’s waterproof! While you are in the assessment phase you are to be “normal,” in other words, don’t start working out while you are being assessed. That kind of threw a glitch in my plan last week, since I was planning on starting a couple of classes. But, I could wait a week (Monday to Monday).

This morning I put it on, and went on with my day. Later in the morning, I plugged it into the USB port on my laptop and it gave me my assessment results. Yeah, I don’t do any activity… Zip, Zero, Zilch  Even with my twice a week Taekwondo classes, it wasn’t enough to give me credit for 1 activity point for the week. Well, that was a bit of a reality check. But I am cool with it.

12 week ActiveLink goal

Now starts my 12 week challenge from ActiveLink !! The goal is to hit 2 activity points a day in 12 weeks. So I am to gradually increase my activity to the point of earning 2 points a day. Okay, game on! Little did I know that those little lights that are on the device are pretty encouraging. I was flashing at 75% around 2 PM. I decided to work on my Poomsae, Taeguk 1-3.  I earned some more percentage points, up 88 or so. COOL! This is fun!

I did have Taekwondo tonight, but with Rob’s new schedule I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to participate since I’d have Lincoln with me until Rob could make it to Black Eagle to pick him up. He made it with a minute or two to spare and I was in!

After dinner, I plugged in and this is what I saw:

Active Link percent 1.15.13

I earned 2 activity points today, and I hit 137% of goal achievement! I was moderately active for 45 or more minutes, but didn’t have any intense periods of activity. You can also see around 5:30 where I did Taekwondo. You can name your exercises so you know what you did there. Slick!!!

So now I am going to start getting more active. I am already eating like a rabbit (AKA: Salads)! Something has to work, right? Next post up will be my New Recipe of the Week… I am having a hard time limiting it to just one!!! I’ve got so many I could share! 🙂

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