New Year means a New Resolution!

Happy New Year! With every new year, many people make resolutions. Two years ago, I made a commitment to lose weight. The plan was to join Weight Watchers and use their tools to lose half my body weight. Today I am just over fifty pounds down, maintaining my weight for the better part of 2012. Am I disappointed that I didn’t lose in 2012? Sure, but I don’t deserve to lose any. I was not on plan for most of the year, even though I was still working out, biking, etc. With ’12 behind me, I am looking forward (ugh-Obama, much? Bleh) to 2013 and loosing 50 lb this year. That’s just under 1 lb a week on average. I think it’s totally achievable.

I bought Weight Watcher’s new Active Link to help me get my activity in. I am currently beginning the assessment phase where it gets a base line of activity. From there (in 1 week), I’ll have a good idea as to what kind of activity I am doing and where I need to go. The neat thing is, once the assessment is completed, I’ll be given a 12 week challenge. The challenge will motivate me to move and keep me going! I do love a challenge. 🙂

I am also ready to test for my Brown Belt in Taekwondo. Woot! I am going to test in the next couple weeks, with the plan to test for black near the summer time. Chandler will not be ready for Brown for a bit longer, but it’s okay.


  • 50 lb loss
  • Black Belt
  • 2 organized bike rides over 25 miles

Happy new year! Here’s to a newer me in 2013!

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