Bridge Pedal recap!

I did it! After a few months of riding to prep for this long ride, it’s over. I was worried about the St. John’s Bridge, and I was right to be a bit worried. It was a very hard hill to climb.


Downtown Portland from the Marquam Bridge.

After riding up and over the Hawthorne and Ross Island Bridges, it was time to hit the Marquam Bridge. It’s one of the bridges that isn’t open for non-vehicle  traffic. So it’s fun to get up on the top deck and be able to stop for some great photos of downtown. A nice guy was even willing to snap one of my photo!

On the Marquam bridge (Bridge #3)!

One of my favorite pictures of the ride. The Hawthorne Bridge (Bridge #1) and the Starting area.

On top of the Burnside Bridge looking towards some of the next bridges.

The next bridges (Broadway-red, Steel-black, and the last bridge the Fremont-light green).

After riding over the Broadway & Steel bridge, we had a serious delay due to a train. We had to wait for 10 minutes. It was a great time for a food break and some water. I think we were about an hour into the ride.

Riding on HWY 30, on the way to the St. John’s Bridge.

With the St. John’s Bridge in view I needed to mentally prepare for this huge hill. I planned on just going as far as I could and then walk (with plenty of others). But as I was getting closer, I was more determined to ride up the hill, stopping if I had to. So I did. I rode up the whole (.5 mile) hill and stopped about half way then again at the top. I was so proud that I did it! I had to get a fun pic. And a few women I was talking with when the train stopped us, took my photo at the top.


The St. John’s Bridge. It’s such a beautiful bridge!!!

Looking back towards downtown… It’s a blip in the photo.

Off the St. John’s I realized I went through my 1.5 Ltr of water in the backpack… Doh! I stopped to double-check that it was empty, sure enough. So I grabbed another Luna Bar and a stick a gum for when I finished the bar and rolled. Going town to Greely, near Adidas Headquarters, it was all downhill. I was going just shy of 35 MPH-that’s FLYING!

Ahead was the last bridge and the last real challenge: the Fremont. As we rode underneath this bridge I was starting to feel the need to get some fluids… But I missed the rest area and hoped there would be water on top of the bridge (wrong). I powered up the hill to the near the hospital. This year they changed it, no stopping for the traffic coming off the Northbound lanes. I was kind of counting on the breather up there, but I kept going.

On the Fremont Bridge, the last one!

It was packed up there! They had a spot for free photos looking towards the St. John’s Bridge. I am looking forward to checking that pic out tonight when they post them. I walked the main section of the bridge, where there was a band playing, and more snacks (no water, ugh). I knew I was done, worn out, ready to get out of the sun (it was near 85 when I finished and got to the car).

But my favorite part was coming: flying off the Fremont, down I-405, to the end of the ride.

Riding down the Freemont, 26 MPH! 🙂

After flipping the U-turn on the 405 and riding back the on ramp, we turned to the finish line! Awaiting me: Banana, water, chocolate milk, ice cream bar and vitamin water. I took it all! I was shaking from low blood sugar and need of liquid. Next time I plan for more food/drink along the way.


After I got home it was a day of relaxation, after a nice warm shower. Lincoln grabbed my camera and snapped this picture. I thought it was not too shabby for a 4-year-old. Thanks for the support!!!

Home and time to relax!

Today as I write this, I am stiff, sore in the bum area, and my arms are thrashed. I would have never known how much biking is a total body sport. But I feel great! I look forward to riding this weekend-a shorter more chill ride.


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