Pre-Ride thoughts

In just over 24hours I will be waking up, grabbing some bike knickers, a jersey, shoes, helmet, gloves, camelback filled with 2 ltrs of water, sports bars, and my phone & Ipod. I’ll load my trusty bike onto the back of Earl Ray (my ML), and drive to downtown Portland. I’ll unload my bike, start my GPS on my phone and turn on my tunes. I’ll bike about a mile to the starting line and wait. Around 7 AM, I’ll begin the longest bike ride, most difficult ride I’ve ever done. It’s called the Providence Bridge Pedal. The ride I am doing this year, is 24 miles, traveling over 8 of Portland’s 10 bridges.


The group from last year on our 12 mile ride, The Ragan Family and myself.

This ride will include the St. John’s Bridge, a bridge that is beautiful, but has one massive hill leading up to it. 
As I research the bridge and how runners tackle this hill (that’s a bout 1 mile long), I get a bit more nervous. I know it’s OK to walk. That it’s not a bad thing to do, at.all!  A blog on Oregon Live said this:

Make sure you remember that the crest is actually mid-way ON the St. John’s Bridge. Visualize yourself finishing that part strong and taking a second to take a deep breath, look South, and celebrate your accomplishment!

So now, I thought, just get to the bridge…now I need to get half way over the bridge. You know what? That’s going to be a great place to stop, practice some great breathing my Taekwondo instructor, Angel taught me, and snap a couple pictures. It’s one of the most beautiful bridges, so I will enjoy this one. The problem with this bridge it’s #7 in the ride, it’s going to be right before I hit the Freemont, which was the hardest one last year for me. Granted this year I am better prepared, and know how things roll (ha, ha). Once I am up on the top deck for the Freemont, it’s clear sailing down I-405 to Jeld-Wen Field. To get an idea of what the bridges look like and layout in the city, take a look.


I will be doing all but the Sellwood (#10) and Burnside (#5) Bridges.  So I will have a recap on Sunday and lots of photos of all the amazing bridges in this city. Please keep me in prayer, this is going to be fun and a great challenge!


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