Bike training

I signed up to do the 2012 Providence Bridge Pedal, and I chose to do the 8 bridge route this year (versus the 6 last year). So instead of the 12 miles from last year, I am committing to ride 26 miles on two wheels. 🙂 Yikes! So now I start to train, not only my heart, lungs, and legs, but my bum!

Yesterday I rode with Bike Gallery in a group ride in Lake Oswego. It was supposed to be an “easy/beginner” ride. Didn’t even think that LO is a hilly area. Whoops. So I stuck to it, gritted it out and made it. 7.68 miles in about an hour, my phone/GPS froze and didn’t give me the time. But I am happy to say I rode my bike from Boones Ferry (in Lake Grove) up to Country Club and into downtown LO. For those who know, it’s mostly uphill then there is a nice (beautiful) stretch that is downhill. And *THAT* was so fun! 🙂 I felt good. My butt didn’t hurt, my lungs were not as happy with me though. I forgot to use my inhaler so it took a while for them to relax. I was very proud that I did it!!!!

Today, I decided to ride to weight watchers. It was a fun ride, especially since I had a nice break for the meeting. I felt good this morning from yesterday’s ride, so why not? I added roughly 10.5 miles to this week’s mileage. I went out via the Fanno Creek trails up to Denny where I rode neighborhood streets until I got to downtown Beaverton where I got onto Hall and cruised into Cedar Hills Crossing for my meeting. On the way home, I rode Hall Blvd all the way to Greenway. Man, Hall has plenty of test-your-faith-in-your-body hills. Ok, so the experience bike rider would be laughing at me for my weeny ways, but hey, it was long! I was very pleased with how it went and I felt good post ride. I did it in just over an hour of actual riding time, averaging 9.6 MPH.

I have a new mantra, and I am trying to find the link to where I found it (on FB somewhere). But here it is:

Your mind will give up before your body will.

I think it’s very appropriate and it was something I was saying to myself when I was pedaling the bike up the hills. 


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