Why I am here


1 year’s progress.

I am here because a year and a half ago I decided to do something to change my life. I would quit being fat! My dad died from being way too overweight, so I decided I cannot follow in his footsteps. January 2011 I joined Weight Watchers and started my journey to loosing half my body weight. Starting weight: 331.2 lb  Half of that weight is 165.6 lb Current weight 275.0 lb I have 110.6 to go until I’ve lost 1/2 my weight. Above is  comparison shot of before and 1 year in. I haven’t lost much in the last 6 months, and I think it’s diet fatigue. But we are going to Disney World in December and I want to be at 75 lb lost. So I am getting back on the diet bandwagon. It’s time.


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