"Blue Rajah" Crochet Bracelet

I made this crochet bracelet last night. I think it turned out really well! It was pretty easy to do, but I had never used thread before, so that was a bit different.

I found the pattern on Ravelry,  written by Melody Maria Fulone. The author of the pattern says: “Faint glimpses of Indian culture can be seen in this lacy bracelet. The clear blue color is a classic choice. It is constructed back and forth in rows, and secured with a button. Everyone will be asking you where you bought it, so prepare for compliments!” I think she’s totally right. I love it.  I have red thread (number 3 though) but I’ll try it again. This time I’ll get the one side perfected (I goofed on row 1, I think). 

Basic Supplies needed:
#10 Crochet thread
1.65mm Steel hook
Pattern (free download from Ravelry, but you have to join).




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