Success along the Weigh

Today I am down 3.8 for a total of 53 lb lost. I am thrilled with that number, shocked really, I figured I’d be down around 52 total today. There is a woman in the blogosphere that has a blog called “Success Along the Weigh” and she’s lost over 190lb. Her #1 rule is “Quitting is not an option” and I think it’s a great topic for this week.
After last week’s 1 lb gain, I made sure I kept on doing what I had been doing, not letting the + get in my head. And by pushing through it’s helped! I kept with the same diet, and exercise routine. The only variation I did was yesterday (Sunday) because I have a cold, was pooped and didn’t think I could do the C25k run. So instead, I did the elliptical for 30 minutes versus running/walking. I didn’t give up, saying “I’m not feeling good” or “I’m too tired to do it” etc. I put on my gym clothes and headed out. I felt good afterwards (especially after stretching-flexibility is improving big time). I had a good calorie burn and got home in time for the end of the game (priorities, right?).

So the summery for the week:
Mon: 2,070 cal / 50 P+
Tues: 2,112 cal/ 55 P+
Wed: 1,872 cal/ 48 P+
Thurs: 1,906 cal/ 51 P+
Fri: 1,944 cal/ 51 P+
Sat: 2,429 cal/ 65 P+
Sun: 1,683 cal/ 44 P+

I earned 64 Activity Points per WW & burned 3,164 Calories per MFP in 313 minutes of activity! So this week, I ate all my weekly points and 14 of my activity points.

I am happy with it, I think I did good. I also weighed in of Friday and had a good weigh in, down 2.4, so today was even better. Goal for this week: repeat week 3 of C25k, I am working on my breathing techniques for the 3 minute runs. I am also seeing Dr. Dennis (new Chiropractor) to have my pelvis adjusted, which should help my knees. And hopefully my cold will be gone soon, so I feel comfortable running again (without gasping for breath). Until next week!



3 thoughts on “Success along the Weigh

  1. Aww, thanks so much for the shout out!Congrats on just doing it regardless of how you were feeling! Those rogue gains can really make the whole thing frustrating but as long as you know you did everything right, it'll even out in the end. (I can believe I just said that, it used to make me want to punch people when they said that! HA!)Keep up the great work!

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