I love surprises!

This last week, I was OK. I did hit the gym once, which hadn’t occurred since the summer. It was a great workout, and I plan on making it back this week a couple times, since the Dojang will be closed Wed-Sun. But I weighed in and was down 1.8 lb! So I was presently surprised, even after Rob (Mr. Insensitive, in this case) brought home two dozen Krispy Kremes yesterday. I have decided that my will power to junk/rich/decadent foods are going to be very hard this holiday season. But I am going in with a plan. If I can try and make it to the gym more than I have been, then I should be OK. Thanksgiving is going to be a good test, but I think leftovers are going to be harder. 🙂 I am looking forward to the challenge, but would really love to see another 1.5-2 lb next week. Time to get ready for Taekwondo (after I pick up Chandler at the bus stop)! Have a great Thanksgiving!!



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