Singing Christmas Tree!

Singing…It’s a lot of fun, and hard work all rolled into one awesome 2.5 hour performance! Yes. Singing! We are offically open at the Keller Auditorium in Portland. We have fantastic guest performers this year, it’s unbelieveable!

Rob went to the opening show yesterday and took video of 2 songs. Here are the 2 songs in 1 video (my test at video editing-very basic). The first song is I heard the Bells on Christmas Day w/ Dona Nobis, featuring the adult and youth choirs and Timothy Greenidge. The second song is I Heard Three Ships featuring the Adult Choir and the Bells of the Cascades (a bell choir).

If you have never been to see the show, you have to come. The Singing Christmas Tree has been singing to Portland for 46 years!

We have 6 more shows left! Come see us!!! Tickets are going fast, and even a couple shows are sold out! For more info check out:


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